Please tell me about fasting in summer on 4 seasons countries?

Hi.. I come from tropical country which has the same daylight all year around but I'm planing to move to 4 seasons country. Can you share on how to fast when Ramadhan arrive on summer. Do we have to fast from 4am to 9-10pm? That is a very long fast, please tell me your experience. Thank you

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    In Australia about 12 years ago it was really HOT!! We broke our fast about 9pm and because of being thirsty all day we would hardly eat it was just water.. drink..drink..and drink.. it was between 35-42 degrees, now it comes in Winter which is a relief.. but id say in about 10 years or more it'll be Summer again when Ramadan comes, but Allah swt never leaves us Alhamdulillah.. and the rewards thats another thing... :)

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    Currently here in South Africa we are iin Spring so the fasts are not so bad. In summer, it can get very hot but the highest is around 32"C. the fast usually begins at 3:45 to about 6:30-7:00. when i fasted in summer i was much younger, and did'nt find the fast bad so i'm sure that it isn't hard...

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    Salamun alaikum You can ask for information from your imam or ustadz in your country.My ustadz said that we can follow the nearest country which season is normal or at least follow the Saudi Arabia for the length of fasting but the time should be adjusted with time difference.

    You can ask for information to muslims ,ulamas or imams in the 4 seasons your destination country,how they practise fasting during ramadan.

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