Laptop BATTERIES!! HP T4200.<Life Span>?

Ok so my laptop is a HP T4200. The battery is 6-Cell and Lithium-Ion. The battery life is like 2.5 hours when it is unplugged. I was just wondering if there is a possibility that I can buy another battery for my laptop that will have more battery life of more than 3-4 hours?


Yes it is a Pavillion. And I do have it on power saver... its sucks. I really want my laptop to stay on longer when its unplugged.

There should be something I can do. I have many friends who's laptops can be on for 4 hours. (different laptop model).

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    I looked on the HP site, and there is no T4200 listed in their product search. Is there any more identifying information on the laptop that we can use to research your answer? Is it a Pavillion or Presario? Is there any additional model number information available?

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    i could additionally echo Rhyled's answer. additionally, the extra you connect the charger with the laptop, the faster the battery will die. What this does to the battery is create a persevering with cost and discharge. style of like flooring it to 60 on your motor vehicle, then slamming on the breaks - think of repeating that the entire day for a 5 hour holiday. this could placed on out your motor vehicle quite quickly. same is going for the battery. purely get a sparkling battery and don't cost it as often. Use in elementary terms the charger or in elementary terms the battery. on no account the two on a similar time except the laptop is became off and is charging. superb of luck.

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    Maybe instead of buying new pair of Batteries,you should rather change your Power Management Scheme to POWER SAVER which is more recommanded by Mircrosoft when your Notebook is on battery.After switching on POWER SAVER your Notebook can easily Last 3-4hrs on battery (Note that u might not be able to use some features of you notebook after u switch on to Power Saver)

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    look on the web for a long life battery and buy a cool pad and adjust you power usage settings. if your not gaming the battery saver mode is plenty fast enough for your needs the cool pad uses less power than the pc fan does and keeps constant air flow going and it too will extend your battery life

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  • The laptop battery has limited life,if you use it frequently,i just can use for half of one year!That you must buying a ner replacement laptop battery.

    You can buy a new one laptop batter at

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    2.5 hours? lucky you mine has 6 minutes.

    you should be able to buy a new battery but theres no garuntee it will last longer. unless when new your current battery lasted longer.

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