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Why can't I feel pleasure?

I'm 21 years old. My boyfriend took my virginity a week ago. We've had sex a total of four times. I'm very concerned because I can't feel any pleasure at all. He's 26, and has had two previous partners. Do you think it's because he is not experienced, or there is something physically wrong with me? No matter what he does, I don't feel anything. We've tried different positions and still, I felt nothing. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    It Comes With Age For Females! I Think Most Females Dont Get That Much Out Of It To Begin With! Give It Some Time!

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    Don't think there is really any thing wrong with you. As you said it has only been four times. Does he stimulate you any. Now he has had two others and that is OK however many guys are not all that knowable about what a girl wants and needs. They think they do but when truth is told they don't. It comes down to her talking to him let him know this or that is what you like. I can only guess that maybe you have tried a few thing just so yo know your body and if not try some things. There is nothing wrong with it, you are have it with the person who knows best and it is very safe. When you have found these things then when you are with each other and things get heated up. He is doing his thing what ever it might be. Let him know more here or there longer, that is it more in other words you are teaching him. This should not go both ways if when when the time is right he should also tell you what feels good to him.

    Paul Newman said something along thee lines. "why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home" This is how you two need to make each other feel about each other. Why go look around when the best is at home.

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    While I've only had 2 partners, I have had a decent amount of sex, and I have the same problem during intercourse itself. I've always been told that some girls just don't get pleasure from penetration. Have him try to stimulate your clit in the process. I don't have orgasms, but I do get pleasure from sex this way.

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    it is honestly hard for a girl to feel pleasure right away.

    because girls "hot spots" arent on the inside on the vagina. the clit,G spot and any other spots are on the outside.

    but if you only had sex four times since then,you havent had enough time to experience everything yet.

    both of you are still getting used to each others bodies and it will take some time;try oral sex or fingering and massaging.

    just give it time.

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