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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureEtiquette · 1 decade ago

Phone etiquette - what is the most inappropriate use of a mobile phone you've ever seen?

Hugh Jackman stopped a show the other day when a mobile phone rang in the middle of his performance. There's a video showing Jackman breaking character to tell the owner of the ringing mobile phone, "You want to get that?" as the audience erupts in cheers.

haha I was wondering if you've seen the inappropriate use of a mobile phone? What happened?

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  • Freda
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    1 decade ago
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    I went on a date recently with a guy I'd put right up there with really bad mobile phone manners. He was on time, but spent the next 10 minutes finishing off a call on his mobile before even saying hello. I was already starting to feel a bit dubious about this, so when he picked up his phone and made 2 more calls while on a date with me I couldn't help but think he was unbearably rude. None of these calls were urgent things that couldn't wait. Those words "he's just not that into you" sprang to mind too easily with his bad manners!

  • 1 decade ago

    While visiting (at different times) a local church I happen to see at separate occasions two weddings. I like to watch weddings and see the the bridal groups attire and the wedding dress thus I stayed and watched the ceremony and at both wedding ceremonies, heard the phone and noticed people will answer it. At both times the minister asks people to turn the phones off or silent (so that if they really need to make contact still can and take it outside) but just a few moments after, some ones phone rang. I think it was during the vows or speaking moment.

    Another time, this year, when I was at a funeral (fellow volunteer), someone had their phone on and it rang, she even answered it, only a few seat from me. How weird is that.

    Even if they're texting the message it is still a weird and odd thing to do, rather take it out and text.

    Also most of the ring tones are not funny nor appropriate in such situations (weddings, funerals).

    Nor appropriate at other places such as cinemas and choirs performances and stage plays.

    Hugh was correct in telling that person as it is. If a person can't handle being without phone contact at such times, they should not be there.

    Before mobile/handies/cell phones what did people do. They are way to attached to their phones.

    I don't have a phone (use public if needed).

  • 1 decade ago

    Recently it seems every time I'm in a public restroom there is someone talking on the phone. I go to the bathroom and flush and I'm thinking the person on the other end knows you are in the bathroom. That is sooo disgusting. My best friend does it all the time. A couple people I know at work always say how they don't want to flush until the person has finished their phone call.

    And of course answering your phone anywhere with posted signs that mention No Cell Phones beyond this point. Most doctor's offices have this now. Most libraries have it up. Movie theaters. Now obviously if your wife is 9 months pregnant or your father is in the hospital, you might need to answer the phone. Other than that, turn it off!

  • Ange
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    1 decade ago

    A couple of inappropriate use of mobile phones i haves seen is when im sitting on the train or tram and its nice and quiet and then someone will come on the train/tram and start talking really loud and seem like they are talking forever. Another time was when i was at work as a cashier and this guy was talking on the phone and i was serving him, he just left all his grocery's in his bag on the convey belt and so i had to unpack them. It was really busy and i had a long line and everyone in line was complaining bout him to him. I personally love mobile phones and cant leave the house without it as it makes me feel much safer but i think that there is a time and place for everything. Oh and also when im at uni (its always the same people) there phones ring during class everyday and another girl her phone will go off in class and she will start texting and you can hear it making beeping noises everytime she texts.

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    I've seen signs like that in almost every doctors office I've been to. So I don't think putting signs up would be an issue. I would post one on the door (so hopefully they see it walking in). And another by the receptionist. I've actually seen signs that say you won't receive service until you are off your phone. Maybe I'm "bi*chier" than you. But in that particular situation I would have asked them to take it outside. Your working in a professional atmosphere with patients....and patients really need to be able to hear you.

  • Reen
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    I think that generally most mobile phone use is rude. You should never talk to someone while in the company of someone else unless its an emergency. I had to laugh recently when I was at a concert in London. Three girls who didn't know each other were all lined up against the wall (wallflowers) texting like their life depended on it while the band was playing. A really cute guy came and checked them out and when they didn't even look up he just walked away. Pre-moble phones they would most likely have had a conversation and maybe even started going out with each other. I don't know how some young people meet anyone these days as they never look up from their mobile phones to check out the real world.

  • I teach English as a second language to an international mix of adult students. There is nothing more frustrating than when I'm in the middle of explaining something, someone's phone rings and they proceed to interrupt the class by saying "oh, sorry sorry" and bolting out of the room to talk for 20 mintues. Sometimes phones will ring and students actually answer them in class and start chatting away in their native language. How on Earth are they supposed to learn English that way?

    It's also incredibly frustrating when I set students up to do a speaking activity in pairs and one of them leaves the room to make a phone call, as if the activity isn't important, leaving their partner with no one to work with.

    We have a strict English Only policy and also a strict No Mobiles policy but, invariably, these rules are sometimes violated. And when they try to convince me that it was an important call, it helps when other frustrated students who speak the same language tell me later that they were just chatting with their friends about something unimportant. Violating the phone and language policies is bad enough, but to LIE to me on top of it is just TOO disrespectful!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There has been a number of incidents where people use a mobile phone to take photos of kids in swimming pool changing rooms. That is probably the most inappropriate use of a mobile phone I have ever come across.

    If I ever catch anyone doing this, I'll bitchslap him to the ground

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, in the year 12 Farewell mass. One of the students fathers answered his mobile phone during the service and proceeded to chat..

  • 1 decade ago

    People who talk on the phone while paying for a bus ticket- my mother is a bus driver and depending on the mood will actually refuse to touch a passengers money or move the bus until the phone is put away- once when a passenger got stroppy with her over this she feigned a phone call and refused to deal with them for five minutes! she actually told them her phone call was more important than serving them- after all their phone call had been more important than being polite to the driver!

    her boss is well aware of her phone pet peeve, he can't really do anything because the last time he tried to fire her, her coworkers threatened a mass walkout- she is the permanent driver of the shift commonly known as punishment duty

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