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serious teen help? Photos coming shortly?

I really want to lose as much weight as possible before November! I'm getting my photo professionally taking at the start of November and I'm just really fed up with how fat I am right now. :( If I don't lose weight I'm going to regret my photos for the rest of my life, which I don't want!

I don't care if it's the safest way, or if it's not going to give me permenant results. I just want to lose as much as possible for this photo!

I'm 18. Female and I'm in HS, so I can't do any super crazy diets. :S I have to have some brain power in order to function in my classes! :)


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    When it comes to weight loss, slow and steady wins the race. Rather than going on a intense diet which will wreck havoc on your mood, put unnecessary strain on your body, sap out some of the joy that you should be experiencing this year as a senior, slow your metabolism down so that you will have a much more challenging time losing weight in the future, and possibly cause skin problems which will be far more noticeable in the photos, why don't you find a fantastic makeup artist who can help to create the illusion of a slimmer face, and wear figure-flattering clothes? I am perpetually in awe at the way makeup, lighting and clothes can completely transform the way a person looks. My best friend had been self-conscious about her weight before prom, and I was stunned by how much expertly applied makeup, a few highlights in her hair, and control top panty hose (she wore something called Spanx) slimmed her. She also had a facial the day before prom that helped to eliminate the puffiness in her face. There are heaps of tutorial videos on YouTube about how to appear to be slimmer.

    Focus on losing weight long-term by changing your habits, not dieting. Drink plenty of water and green tea which will not only help to keep you slimmer, but will make your skin healthy and lovely. Eliminate as much processed food and sugar from your diet, and avoid "white" foods like mayo, pasta, rice, and potatoes. Replace white bread with whole grain bread. Have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables a day, and make sure you're getting enough protein. I'm a vegan, so I rely on non-animal sources, but eat whatever lean protein you prefer. Avoid things that are marketed as being low-fat and for dieters because they are just gimmicks, and not genuinely healthier for you. I read an article a doctor wrote about how Snackwell had done more harm to the American diet than chocolate bars, chips and McDonald's because it gave people the false idea that they were eating something healthy when it was actually loaded with sugar and carbs, and highly processed. You're much better off having some sliced pineapple, a small piece of dark chocolate or even a few whole grain chips and salsa.

    Incorporate exercise into your daily life because it will make you look, feel and think better. I carve out time every morning to exercise because it wakes me up and energizes me, and it helps me to focus. I dance, do yoga, surf, play tennis, run and swim, but do whatever you love the most. Pilates will give you an amazing physique. Shape Magazine has a work-out playlist on their site every month, and it gives you some ideas on fun music to keep you motivated.

    Read tips on how to pose in flattering angles, and plan out your wardrobe carefully if you are wearing an outfit of your choice rather than a gap and gown or uniform. Avoid stripes and patterns which look distracting on camera and give you the appearance of being heavier, and instead wear a darker shade of a color that will enhance your eye and hair color.

    Good luck!

    ~ Peace : )

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    Eat breakfast, it starts your metabolism in the morning. It's actually really important. Try to eat something like cereal, sugar won't hurt you, actually it may help to an extent.

    During the day, eat a small lunch and something like nuts or fruit when your stomach starts growling (if you don't eat at these points, your body will store fat and your metabolism will slow dow). Also, drink lots of water, it gives you the impression of being full.

    Eat dinner as well, it doesn't have to be big. Usually a chicken salad does me.

    If you have time try to get 15-30 minutes of excersise per day 4 days a week (one weekend day and 3 times during the week).

    I have tried every diet, some give you short term results but this is the best. I went down almost 3 dress sizes (depending on the brand) by doing this and best of all, you can eat chocolate or other yummies occasionally and it doesn't really affect you. I am a student too, I know what it's like.

    Pills do not give you permanent results and they mess with your system.

    The inventor of the Atkins diet died of being overweight.

    Detox makes you hungry.

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    Hi Lioness, I tried to find "objectified" and "objectification" in the dictionary and no joy. Well, I'm not exactly sure I understand your queston, but think I might have an idea. Anyway, have you ever heard of the "bell curve"? It's a curve that is shaped like a bell and does a good job of representing statistics. As for beauty, at one end of the curve we have the least attractive and at the other end the most. The same would be true for income ... poorest on one side and richest on the other. In the middle of the bell we have all the average folks. I think what you're saying is true, but just simply a fact of life. We have the full spectrum for both genders. As for why guys don't protest ... I guess they realize that it's just the way things are and protests are unlikely to change anything. Hope this helps!

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    Start swimming for a good hour or so 3+ times a week, along with cutting out too many sweets and over-eating. Because you're still only 18 i'm pretty sure this would help you loose weight but safely, and not too much. Good luck!

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    It's simple. Cut all of the junk food out of your diet. No candy, chips, fast food, you get the idea. Substitute pop with either diet pop or water. Take a walk for an hour after school. That would be a healthy way to lose weight.

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    Eat one huge meal everyday at the same time and eat NOTHING ELSE before or after that meal. only drink water. You cannot even have diet sodas unless they are with the meal. i swear you will loose a TON of weight on this diet. you wont feel hungry because you will consume around 1000 cals in 1 meal. it takes a little getting used to but when i did it, and i only did it for 3 weeks, i lost 15 pounds! it was insane and i wasnt exorcising! think how much you would loose if you did! check this diet out online, like the warrior diet. good luck and stay strong you will look great for your picture!

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    exercise, exercise, exercise. of course cutting out snacks and sodas and things with extra calories you don't need will help too... but it's a simple matter of using up more calories than you take in.

    when you get exercise and use up more calories than you're eating, then the body uses up fat instead. it's simple math, just use up more than you're taking in... the more you use up, the more weight you lose.

    of course you don't want to go out and exercise for 6 hours a day or anything, there is a point where you're overdoing it.

    crash diets don't really work and leave you feeling bad, unable to think straight, and give you cravings.

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    Cut out the junkies.

    Eat crap loads fruits and veggies (LOL. Rhyme!)

    Eat nuts for snacks.

    Drink lots of water.

    Exercise more.

    Like, get up super early and go for a run.

    Or go after school and work out.


    I hate crash diets too.

    Maybe one week try a detox thing where when you get hungry you just eat some fruit and drink water.

    BUT only do that for a week or two.


    God bless ^.^

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    I had luck with the adkins diet. The weight came off pretty fast. Just be careful because with any diet loseing weight too quickly can cause strain on your heart. Good luck!

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    no junk

    fruits and veg

    Like instead of bacon sandwich for brekkie try a fruit salad;_ylt=As3a2...

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