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Free eBook Wing Chun forms and training?

I want to learn the wing chun forms from ebooks for free. I have searched all over google but i can't find any. If any of you know of a site with such ebooks fordownlod for free then I would much appreciate it if you could tell me. Also if you know, I would also like some information and instructions on shakbo dak.


Ok. I just wanted to learn the forms though. In a few years i will be going to England so i can learn it there with proper help on the martial art.

Update 2:

Lol. The first place I looked was scribd.com but all there was was principles of wing chun. pdfgeni only had a list of the moves with their names but no pictures so they didn't work. Thanks anyway.

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    Try http://www.scribd.com/ . FYI-You need someone to tell you the applications of the form. Wing Chun forms are pretty basic. They are mostly designed to help you remember the movements and serve as a guideline for doing them correctly. You won't necessarily apply the movements in the same way for real. You won't get anything out of the form if you don't know what you're doing.

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    Wing Chun Ebook

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    In order to wrestle, you must first pass through kicking range, then punching range. Wing Chun specializes in short close range attacks. Trying to go for the clinch is going to be right where he wants the the wrestler. Wing Chun emphasises trapping techniques. Wing Chun includes Chin Na and escapes and Im pretty sure at least some basic groundwork. Most wrestlers do not continue wrestling after high school. So the average wrestler probally has 4 seasons, roughly 1 year of scholastic wrestling training. This will include very basic throws and takedowns, top position orientated groundwork, escapes and pins. While high school wrestling is great, because it familiarizes you with ground work, escapes, get you into shape and is free; it is still very limited. In the end it will depend on the skill of the practicioners. If you are still in school I would recommend taking Wing Chun and joining your schools wrestling team.

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    Sounds like someone is insecure about their skills, and is looking for a little positive reinforcement. Well, you'll get about 10 guys on here that say how Wing Chun is far superior to Wrestling on the street, and you'll get 10 guys on here saying how Wrestling would defeat Wing Chun anytime. I would just say to you that you look at your art and see a weakness in it (ground training). Instead of looking for a security blanket maybe you should address the weakness you see in your art. Still amazes me to this day how striking arts totally ignore any ground training what so ever, or think that they can just pull hair or poke the grappler in the eys, and that will solve the ground problem.

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    you cannot, i repeat cannot learn wing chun from a book. although it looks like asimple, stripped down art form it itakes a lt of practise (with other people) and tuition and guidance from a sifu. the best thing to do is find a class near you and go. you will learn more in one class than you will learn in a lifetime of looking at a book

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