how much food do i need to feed this many pit-bulls?

my uncle has 4 pitbulls, and he lives in tijuana so they get like this really nasty food, and they dont like they're dog food, so i told him i would take them my dogs food, i have a maltese, and i feed him "kibbles and bits", i get him the 17lb bag and it last him like 2 months. my dog is like 10lb, a pitbull is like well, bigger, they're all adult pitbulls, but i dont know how much they weigh.

i think there is a 40lb bag of kibbles and bits, but will this be enough for 4 pitbulls, if so, how long will it last them?

if not, how many bags of 40lb should i get?

if i can only find the 17lb bags, how many would i need? and how long will it last?

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    My cousin had an american pit bull terrier and a Staffordshire terrier. A 40-50 pound bag of dog food lasted them about a month, and thats just for two dogs.

    Ironically she fed them Kibbles and Bits( I don't know why but yeah).

    She found the bags in 40+ pounds. But with that many dogs he'll need at least 2 bags of 40 pounds a month and it would probably last about a month.

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    The answer on another board was 1 cup twice a day. So 2 cups per dog per day = 14 cups per week, x's 4.3 Wks/month x's 4 dogs.

    20# of dog food will give you approximately 50 cups of food give or take a few.

    One dog will need approximately 60 cups of food per month x 4 dogs = 240 cups divided by 50 cups per bag or 5 - 20# bags will last them a month. But I would rather err on the high than the low side. Get 6 - 20# bags per month.

    The amount on the dog food bag is optimum or what the company would hope you'd try to get your dog to eat.

    You might consider buying some plastic trash cans with lids and take it down too to store the bags in so vermin don't eat and trash the dog food.

    I think you'll need a pick-up truck. But you certainly are a fine person to take care of your uncle's dogs.

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    I don't think breed matters in this question.

    What you need to know is how much the dogs weigh, ask your uncle.

    I have an American Bulldog/ APBT mix she is 60 lbs.

    I feed her two cups of premium (Taste of the Wild) dog food a day, once in the morning and once at night. It comes in a 32 lb bag. This lasts a month.

    Four dogs would go through a 40lb bag very quickly.

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    I do not feed Kibbles and Bits, but I have three dogs and they go through a 20lb bag of food per week( I feed once in the morning and once in the early evening.

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    go to the pet store and ask the people there. you should rather get a better kind. then kibble and bits i think thats only for small dogs, yet im not sure

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