Spam filter does not seem to be working on Verizon e-mail account...?

I am constantly sorting out literally 100s of junk emails a week. It's the same ones too, even though I marked those emails as spam. A few of the spam junk mail I signed-up for them not to send me crap, but they're still appearing after weeks/months. I'm wondering if Verizon is inadequate in the spam filtering business. Anyone else have this problem (or with any other provider)?

I know to select all and delete the junk at once, but it is truly ridiculous that I have to sort through so many just to find the emails I need.


Well I thought of that #2 point you brought up before I checked that "do not send mail". I did it to the ones I THOUGHT were credited (ie Baby 365 [no clue how I got that one stuck on me], Sports Authority, etc), but obviously I was wrong.

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    1) Verizon has never been very good in the spam filtering business since they were sued in a class-action lawsuit for overly aggressive filtering a few years ago. At the time they were blocking perfectly legitimate mail from legitimate domains.

    Now it seems they are not aggressive at all.

    2) The worst thing you can do is to, "I signed-up for them not to send me crap". This simply comfirms to the spam industry that your e mail address is active and a human is actually using it. This actually makes your e-mail address MORE valuble when it is sold to other spammers. The net result is even more spam...not less.

    3) There seems to be an 'accross-the board' increase in spam the last few weeks. All my e-mail accounts, Verizon, MSN, Yahoo, Operamail are getting about about 50% more spam recently. This usually means that the eastern European crime gangs that control the spam industry have a huge new botnet online that has not been taken down by the authorities yet.

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