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I'm cooking dinner for my girlfriend tonight. What's a nice semi-quick romantic meal?

Maybe something with either steak, lamb, or chicken as the base ingredient.

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    The following is an excerpt from the book Grill! by Pippa Cuthbert & Lindsay Cameron Wilson.

    Grilling meltingly tender, marinated lamb chops is one of life's simple pleasures.

    1 cup (20g) cilantro, roughly chopped

    6 Tbsp brown sugar

    4 Tbsp dark soy sauce

    4 Tbsp mirin, Chinese rice wine or sherry

    4 cloves garlic, finely chopped

    16 single-rib lamb chops

    To serve: Grilled potatoes, green salad or steamed green beans

    Combine the cilantro, brown sugar, soy sauce, mirin and garlic in a shallow baking dish. Add the chops, turning well to coat in the marinade. Cover and refrigerate overnight or for up to 24 hours.

    Preheat the grill or grill pan to very hot. Brush with oil. Grill the chops to taste (4-6 minutes on each side for medium) until the edges are browned and caramelized. Transfer the chops to a platter and allow to rest for 2-3 minutes before serving with grilled potatoes and a green salad or steamed green beans.

    Serves 4.

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    You could my semi-homemade Steak Oscar. Get 2 packets of hollandaise mix, a can of crab meat and a can of baby shrimp. Follow the directions on the packet, when it's done dump in the shrimp and crab meat. Make steaks as normal and serve some of the sauce across the steak. While the sauce and steak are cooking, steam some fresh asparagus in the microwave. The sauce is great with the asparagus too. And maybe a side of wild rice which can be cooking while you're making everything else.

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  • Lisa
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    Get a boneless fish. Put some seasoning oil, light soya sauce, and fish stock. Dont put a lot coz it makes it salty. Then mix all the fish with wheat flour and fry it till it becomes a nice brown color. Here's the recipe to make the sauce. Take mango lassi juice, orange lassi juice, chillie sauce and plum sauce. Put all these in a pan with the same amount of each and boil it. When it is done, you can pour it on the fish. For the deco, use lemon slices and salad. If you can cut the skin of a tomoto continuosly without breakin, it wil look like a rose. So you can put it on top. It will really look nice. Try it. Wish you all the best. Hope ur gf like it. And plz let me noe if you planned 2 choose this n if she like it. haha

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    How about some quick and easy chicken alfredo:

    You just need to buy:

    1 box of your favorite pasta

    1 Jar of alfredo sauce

    2 Chicken Breasts

    Boil the pasta up,

    Sautee the chicken and slice into strips.

    Heat the sauce.

    Serve with peas or salad and some crusy italian bread and butter. Enjoy!

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    Pasta with chicken, feta & spicy tomato sauce

    Ingredients (serves 4)

    300g penne pasta

    100ml olive oil, plus extra to toss

    1 onion, finely chopped

    4 garlic cloves, crushed

    2 small red chillies, seeds removed, finely chopped

    1 tsp harissa paste*

    750ml bottle tomato passata*

    3 cups shredded cooked chicken (takeaway barbecue chicken would be ideal)

    100g feta cheese, diced

    1 cup kalamata olives, pitted

    1/2 cup freshly chopped flat-leaf parsley


    Cook pasta in boiling, salted water until al dente. Drain and toss in a little oil. Heat oil in a pan over medium heat and cook onion until it starts to soften. Add garlic and chilli, and cook for a further 1 minute. Add harissa and passata, and simmer for 5 minutes. Stir in chicken, feta, olives and parsley, then toss through pasta.

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    Pasta salad - I have read on Project Weight Loss the recipe.


    * 1 lb of multi-colored pasta shapes

    * 1/2 cup of fat free mayonnaise

    * 1/4 cup of grated cheese

    * 1 cup of semi cooked broccoli flowerets

    * 1 cup of semi cooked cauliflower

    * 16 oz of fat free Italian salad dressing

    * 1 lg of diced tomato

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    do a steak and bake potato with some roasted asparagus a herb salad and a light desert

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  • CHICKEN!!!!!!!!

    And it's not because I am black either!!

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