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What are disadvantages and advantages of HACKING a Wii?

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    You can play music and DVDs from DVD disks, flash drives, and SD cards.

    You can play NES, SNES, Genesis, Sega Master System, Atari2600-7800, Saturn, N64, PS1, Colecovision, Every Gameboy version, and Turbo Grafix titles.

    You can select games from a wide library of freeware titles. These include Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, and many, many, many more games.

    You can backup your NAND and install a preloader so if your Wii ever gets bricked, you can repair it without Nintendo's help.

    You can do-- shoot, I don't have 3 hours to list of everything cool you can do with Homebrew.


    While nobody has ever reported their Wii getting bricked from installing The Homebrew Channel, you might end up being that one in a million.

    Some applications have a risk of breaking your Wii. These applications will be clearly marked as risky and will be up to you to run.

    Nintendo doesn't like Homebrew, as they do not make money off of it. So their updates WILL try to remove it from your Wii, so you probably should not update. It's not like Nintendo has been adding anything cool to their updates, so no big loss.

    The Middle Ground:

    Piracy. Some call this awesome, some call it an abomination to all that is good and just. Hey, it's FREE WII GAMES, what could be better? However it is ILLEGAL. Personally, I despise Wii Piracy, but what your do with your stuff is up to you.

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    3 years ago

    Hacking A Wii

  • Anonymous
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    The biggest advantage I think is to play games off a hard drive instead of wearing out the laser. Plus the games load alot faster.

    The biggest disadvantage would be the fact that there's a chance of permanently bricking the wii using a system update.

    This happened to me, I updated to the newest wii firmware 4.2, but it screwed up my hack, so I tried to restore the hack and bricked my wii :(

    Mostly it's hard to brick unless you do something stupid like I did.

  • Sarah
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    It's free, although you may not want to try it. If you do the mod, and then upgrade your wii, it could break your wii. It's also illegal. A few advantages are: Emulation. You can play your older games such as Super Mario 64 without downloading them from the wii shop channel. you can also play dvds on your wii. I highly recommend NOT doing this.

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    The advantages are you can do a lot more on your wii but the disadvantages are if you hack you wii it voids your warranty.

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    Advantages: You can do different things that you couldn't do before and get free games.

    Disadvantages: Lose your warranty and some people start to hate you.

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