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Sony Trinitron TV remote control (RM-Y173) appears to have "croaked." Ever successfully "reset" one?

Oddly enough, OTHER Sony remote controls can still control the TV. Even better, some elements of the RM-Y173 still control some elements of the TV. But what can no longer be controlled are volume and MUTING. Inconvenient as heck. In a pinch, I'll get a "universal remote" and recycle the RM-Y173. But before bailing I thought I'd give the Yahoo! ANSWERS community a chance to shine. Show me some stuff!

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    the rubber contacts of the key pad are dirty and or worn out. you can take the remote apart and clean the rubber and the pcb with alcohol and a q tip.

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    It's reset on these, especially with your problem of no volume or mute. You have a broken line on your remote.

    You can use practically ANY original Sony remote on ANY Sony TV set....and they are the best replacement for Sony TVs.

    Source(s): Over 28 years servicing TV sets.
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