What age to German Shepherds or Anatolian Shepherds start to become protective?

I have a 7 month old German Shepherd / Anatolian Shepherd named Kenobi. I am curious at what age they start to be protective of the home and family. He's starting to show signs of being protective, just curious if it will be stronger as he's older.
Update: Well we also have a Shiba Inu who is not protective, won't bark at people and allows anyone to walk in, so it's not normal for her.

Kenobi will be going through training the local police sponsor each year when he's over a year.
Update 2: He is also taken to the dog park a few times a week. He loves other dogs and people... but mostly children.
Update 3: the signs he's showing are walking the perimeter of the yard, being very aware of his surroundings, low growling at salesman when they come to the door, until you say its okay, then he will stop. He's had the normal puppy training classes, and has a wonderful temperment
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