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Can Earth survive with out an economy?

Do you guys think earth can survive without an economy or bartering system Like is there any way where everyone can share things and be all equal.Tell me your opinion and what you think id like to here from different people.

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    I am sorry to say it, but I think that is highly unlikely. Just think, human nature is greed. People say "I need more gas. And now since it is free, I can get as much as I want." Imagine the world derived of all its unrenewable resources. The population of human life would rapidly decrease. Plants and animals would become extinct because of the highly polluted air, and the world would be a chaotic mess drowned with poverty.

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    good question.

    Our nature is not simply to consume what there is (like an animal) but to plan ahead and grow things in advance of using them. This act requires that property must be owned and not directly shared, so it is necessary for us to exchange by barter and not by finding and keeping. This is no longer a Garden of Eden. Without barter within this system we could not survive.

    Of course the Earth itself would not stop turning and the animals would mostly survive without us.

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    Of course it "Could". Just look at the animal kingdom. Animals do not use money or barter.

    It would never happen-that is common sense.

    Money is a tool used to represent people doing things for other people. It solved some problems with barter but at the same time it created problems too. People and businesses who normally could only obtain small amounts of power can now obtain almost unlimited power (conservatism). Governments can also pretend to help the poor under the guise of taking from the rich-only to pocket the monies for more size and power themselves (liberalism).

    People will never be equal though. Like it or not some people are smarter, more aggressive and healthier than others. And some people mislead themselves to become evil while others find their path to good. All efforts to equal people out are efforts to outsmart our creator-whether nature or God. Leaders and governments are derived from the people and are just as likely to be good as they are to be evil and cannot be trusted with collective power to redistribute.

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    yes. there was originally no economy. people would sustain just themselves. However, you need a low population for that and you can't exactly have cities.

    the whole sharing things and being equal is an ideal form of communism. it can't happen due to human emotions and competitiveness. Native Americans in North America had something close to this ideal but they lived in small tribes and traded with other tribes.

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    No, at least not as we live now. We would all have a lot lower quality of life. People could do what they want because the worlds securities wouldn't have to work, it would be more of a volunteer thing. You try getting a volunteer to understand one of those giant telescopes or how do view a satellite.

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    definite. america could fall into finished anarchy and human beings in Beverly Hills could be digging by trash to consume, inspite of the undeniable fact that it's not the top of the Human Race, merely civilization.

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    earth can. humans can't.

    Population of earth was like 5% of what it is today before industrial revolution.

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