How to stop a person from shooting you?

Like how do you talk them out of it when you are in that situation.

For Example: Your at the bank and a masked man walks in shoots the ceiling and he wants to shoot you how would you react . Or how would you calm them down by talking about it

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    psh easy falcon punch his gun away catch it in mid air while doing a cool flip off the wall...........landing behind him and shooting him in the as.s

  • I think you mean how to survive from a deranged and armed man, correct?

    Just shut up and do what he tells you to do. If you are a police officer on civvies with a concealed gun, you can perhaps lie low for a while and find a time to react and shoot with precision. One shot one kill.

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    Using Aikido tecnique you can disarm a man pointing a gun at you, if the hammer does not fallon the pin it won't fire, you have to be decisive and move out of the line of fire whilst doing the move but it can be done and you have to make sure the attacker is immobilised or killed.

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    Are you in that situation now? Well, then it's a good thing you consulted with us. Now, here's what you do: first scream hysterically to spook the shooter, then drop to the floor, and roll into his knees with all your might. When he falls over, grab the gun and say something clever like, "Well, well, old boy, looks like the shoe is on the other foot now, hey?" Then calmly wait for the police to arrive.

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    It is hard to aim for someone if you are running sideways, and at a medium distance. If you are at close, there are disarming techniques.

    Robbers and criminals wont hurt you, unless you dont co-operate. Sometimes they lose it though.

    Psychoes, people angry at you, assassins and crazy robbers are a real threat. Try to attend good areas only. Run away at medium distance. Disarm them with special moves at close range. If they have an automatic, then take cover, since your screwed.

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    1 decade ago

    Some techniques.....

    distractions.... try to distract him enough to lose aim on u...then nail his asss hard.

    movement....if u can keep movin enough to keep him havin to reaim constantly then u got a tiny advantage....goin alon with that is makin yourself the smallest target standin sideways to him. then of course when u get your chance u slam him.

    if u gotta talk him outta it then u need to be non threatening. let him think u are passive and even on his side until u get your chance to nail him.

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    If someone has a gun, you have two options.

    Do what they say, or be shot.

    It's as easy as that.

    If you were in that situation, you would have to hit the floor and lie completely still.

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    Talking about it? What are you, some kind of hippie? You cry, soil yourself and make yourself the most pathetic thing he's ever seen. Either that or you know, just COMPLY WITH THE BANKROBBER. They aren't there to kill, they are there to get money. If you comply, no one gets hurt.

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    You don't, you fight for your life if he is going to shoot you anyway. Distract him in some way and charge in to try to take the gun. Hopefully other hostages will jump in and help.

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    depends if you are standing up! like if they come right behind you then i would just you krav maga and beat their *** or if they come in and tell you to get on the ground just do as they say....dont try to argue or talk them out of it....they will probably kill you then!

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