telll me the best wii shooter game?

it could be 3rd person or 1st person it can involve zombies or like monsters or something but i dont like it to be like a classic tye view game or like a birds eye view type of game

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Call of Duty: World at War is the way to go! Best shooter for Wii no argument! Or you can wait for November 10th when they release Call of Duty Modern Warfare [Reflex]. That will probably be even better than Call of Duty World at War.

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    1 decade ago

    Metroid prime 3 corruption is my favorite, it is the best looking futuristic shooter on the wii so far! if you buy make sure you get the trilogy.

    here are some of the ones i have tried and approve of being really good:

    super paper mario

    New super mario brothers wii

    Super Mario Galaxy

    Legend of zelda twilight princess

    tatsunoko vs capcom

    guilty gear accent core 2

    taiko no tatsujin wii (japan import)

    donkey kong jungle beat

    wario ware smooth moves

    tales of symphonia

    phantom brave: we meet again

    super Smash Bros brawl




    a boy and his blob

    Mario Kart wii

    little kings story

    spectrobes origins

    wii sports resort

    great shooters on the wii:

    the conduit

    call of duty world at war

    metroid prime trilogy

    medal of honor heroes 2

    brothers in arms d-day

    dead space extraction

    house of the dead 2&3

    the house of the dead overkill

    onslaught (wiiware)

    water warfare (wiiware)

    resident evil 4 wii edition

  • 1 decade ago

    resident evil 5 my favorite game

    it has cool weapons were you can shoot black zombies

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