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How do i start a support group?

IM a Senior In High school and what i want to do is start like a therapy group at my school there are lots of people with problems with like depression being the main thing and i think this is a type of group to have to share your feelings thoughts or make new friends.So How do i start a group like that in my schoool????

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    do not think your school would let you start one on their premises.

    but they might let you post an E Mail Address to invite others to join your group.then start a yahoo group and run it your self

    takes about 20 minutes to be online

    fill this in~>

    how to run it ~>

    hope this helps

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    First you'd need a moderator. Someone with some psych experience would be best. Talk to your school counselor, he/she may be a social worker or have a psych background. You'll also have to get permission for a room and a designated time that those kids can be out of class, unless you're thinking after school.

    I'll be a little bit of a devil's advocate here. There's an issue of confidentiality. You'd have to rely on a bunch of high school kids to honor the confidential nature of any conversations in the group.

    The idea is a good one. I agree that there are tons of kids who suffer from depression and anxiety. These are real psychiatric diseases and generally need treatment to improve. You might do better to begin more casually, without the school's sanction and just see what kind of interest there is in it.

    Good luck!

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    Why in case you desire to begin a help institution why might you want permission from a clergyman . If he new tips on how to aid others do you no longer consider that he might begin a help institution. Do the want of your middle you don't want permission from a clergyman. Help others that's our calling on this existence Amen.

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