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7 Fay's Talk Show starring Fay Koprah c/c?

In an abandonned warehouse in the middle of town, several Yahooites have gathered 'round a make-shift fireplace. Sausages impaled on sticks drip grease and cause miniscule explosions of sparks as they cook over the open flames. Attention though is on the speaker - a tall ramrod-straight man who is pacing stiffly and dripping unnatural tears of sweat; unbeknownst to those gathered, he has been unable to sit for days. The man glances nervously at one they call 'Ian.' Ian's manservant stands at the ready to pounce upon any need his master may require. But the pacing man is frightened, secretly terrified of making the slightest mistake... And then the door opens. The cool blast of air diverts the crowd's attention to the newest one to join them. She is a dainty ballerina who enters on pointe and performs an expert pirouette as she announces sweetly, "I brought the salt and pepper! Gideon is bringing the potato salad and paper plates!" The pacing man hesitates, "Why would you bring 'pepper' of all things?" he demands. Twirling 'round to face him, she says, "What is it to u?" The man, sheer terror on his face, backs slowly away... He dare not sneeze; Ian's missing cue could shoot through the wall. And then, well, then even Semp might turn on him. And the gentle giant might just have something to say about that.

The crowd is gathering outside the studio, each clutching a ticket for Fay's Talk Show starring Fay Koprah. The security guard who usually opens the door is late. Fay, still in the make-up chair, is blissfully unaware that a riot is about to start. But that's to change. Oh, yeah. That's about to change...

Stay tuned.


"Stuuuuudmaaan!" Fay screeched, "Get Windy Gayle on the phone for me!" (because I occasionally steal from other writers)

Update 2:

Fay - Hey, girlfrenz! Yeah, about to start the sho.. What?

Windy Gayle - Yeps! Someone been giving the finger and thumbs downsies to some of our fans. Just pulling up to the studio. Oh, oh, my! Fay, do you know there's a riot just outside your studio...?

Fay - Wha...? HIRAM! HIRAM! Now where is that stiff today anyways...?

stay tuned - sumtum gonna happen, but what? And to whom is it gonna happen?

Update 3:

A cell phone rings in the warehouse; 30 people answer, "Hello." 29 of them put their phones back into their pockets; "Pfffft!" says the one whose phone was called. On the other end is Sandy... "Tell Gideon to save me some potato salad."

Sin - "He won't let any of us eat until HH agrees to hold hands for Grace. Pffft! And you know how stiff HH is! So where are you?

Sandy - (not giggling) At the studio; tell HH he's to come straight here; he's the only one with the key into Fay's show. He has to let the crowd inside; they've already overturned two cars & are setting fire to a third. It's ugly. Tell Buk and Ian they'd better come along, too. They can turn the crowd's anger toward the one who deserves it.

Sin - PHfffft!

Sandy - No, Phaaay!

Fearing for their lives, the writers have broken a second-story window, leaped into dumpsters to make their escape. The last thing any of them heard was Fay screaming, "HIIIIIIIIRRRAAAAMMMM!"

Show # 8 is (sorry, we've run out of characters)

Update 4:

Fay, it turns out, is not nearly as dense as some think.Yeah, uh huh. She knew about the meeting, the one at the warehouse. Yeah, she knew alright and so she planted spies, but who were they? Was is Bayard Lady who sat in the back with Lola? Could it have been darling, little Civil or tt? And how about that ballerina? So innocent, so wide-eyed? And that pepper? Was it intentional? Studman saw it first - Hiram's too-too straight posture, and thanks to Fay, he knew all about sticks. He knew about strings, too. Being a marionette was his life now, and when Fay pulled the strings Studman danced. All that money, all that power, the weekly bookclub? Fay was screeching; she needed him. She would always need him; he'd make sure of that...

And why did Gideon not eat the potato salad? And that long, knowing look he exchanged with the ballerina? Ian caught it and raised one freshly waxed eye-brow. It gave him a sinister appearance. I mean, even more than usual.

Update 5:

When Hiram fails to respond, Fay orders Studman to start phoning the agency; she'll need new writers for her show. Stat! Due to the riot, the seventh Fay's Talk Show starring Fay Koprah could not be aired. In it's place the network ran an old "I Dream of Jeannie" episode - the one where Jeannie causes her master a problem.

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    Best answer

    Just wondering where are the regulars Dr. Windbag and

    the Wizard of Oz to talk about the importance of

    a clean sausage-free colon?

    Also,when will we get to meet Fay Koprahs

    boyfriend, Studman Beardman???

  • 1 decade ago

    Doesn't anyone want to know who the prancing girlie is?! geesh people, aren't you reading?

    the prancing little princess is probably the brains behind the evil operations at hand...

    and foot...

    dot dot dot

    laughter IS the best medicine!

    [is Fay behind BG getting taped and thrown into the closet? I know Fay has spies, I just know...don't ask...the real question is, with this new side of Sandy slipping out, just who's side is she on...really?!]

  • Lola
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    1 decade ago

    I protest~~

    I sat not with suspect Bayard Lady.

    I was merely out of site,

    uh uh talking,

    yes that was it,


    with a poet...

    And one I might add

    who would not leap out a

    window at the first sight

    of suggested danger.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When the Pepper dancer - is in full uniform - one twirl - can bring down a roomful ♥


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  • 1 decade ago

    Apparently, I missed this show while waiting in line outside. It's raining out here, ya know!

    I've never watched t.v. but can't wait for the next episode.

  • Oh wow.. which one of us can dance and pirouette? I ask ... make your self known, do you give lessons? I feel like my feet are tied together.. and pepper.. ok I will not ask

    I hope they can recognize my ticket this time I have bent and twisted it so many times it has almost disintegrated..

    ... tuned in and waiting .. a fair enough distance away not to get burned.. will someone toast me a marshmallow... please?

    Source(s): whoo hoo I got an upside down thumb.. it tickles.. heehehheee!
  • 1 decade ago

    Simply dazzling BG!

  • Daisy
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    1 decade ago

    Ok you just got a manager. I'll have you sindicated nation-wide within three months and hey...I'm generous...I'll let youy keep 45 % of the profit.. we'll kill girlie

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Fay just was in a riot? Foreal?

  • 1 decade ago

    Can't wait for instalment 8 - you are on a roll gal, with this

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