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my penis head is exposed, as my foreskin is short, will this deaden the sensations felt during sex?

as my penis head is rubbed against my boxers, will this dull the sensation in my head, making sex less pleasurable? im a virgin so i dont know yet!

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    no you will not lose any felling at all

    i know this to be true as i had a good sex life b4 i got cut the first time ( at 18 ) and sex was and is still good now even after being cut for a second time ( at 31 )

    i know i will get thumbs down from some but this is what i know NOT what i have read on the inter net like some do

    I had restored my foreskin and the feeling was no different from when I was cut, but ended up having to get re-cut due to medical problems again.

    for the misinformed it is NOT male mutilation an the only thing you lose is the foreskin and nothing else

    BUT i don't think it should be done to baby's unless it is needed.

    Source(s): cut at 18 and 31 for medical reasons ( yes you can be cut more then once ) and it still works and feels the same i know this to be true as i have known it from both sides and being cut at birth is not the same See these link for true life story’s from men who are happy to be cut (these links are for over 18's only not my problem if you look)
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    Yes, in time it will deaden the sensation and allow you more control but left uncovered may cause more sensation loss than you would want. Remaining intact with foreskin and frenulum will always over compensate for any head sensation loss. Stretching may be a good option to maintaining a covered glans. Those circumcised at birth will never experience or understand the pure joy of what they never had or the ability to modify themselves to a comfortable specification.

    For example:

    I had issues with control and found out by experimenting. I wanted to feel what it would feel like if I had just been circumcised. So for a month I kept my long foreskin retracted. It was painful at first and it felt like needles were poking my glans but I stuck with it and by the end of the 4th week, I noticed a few changes.

    1. My foreskin stayed back behind the head because I noticed the head grew wider and thicker probably from being free from restriction of the foreskin.

    2. My foreskin use to completely cover my glans with an overhang but when pulled forward only covered 3/4 way. It shrank from staying back behind the corona or head.

    3. There was no more pain on the bare glans and I had control of my ejaculations.

    So now I've learned how to control my ejaculation and gained a thicker head. I have continued to do foreskin stretching exercises to accommodate the expanded head and maintain coverage with a nice overhang. From time to time I will retract it when I sleep or during the day but only enough to get a desired outcome. Hygiene improved and overall feels healthier for glans, inner and outer foreskin to be aired out and exposed periodically.

    Source(s): Personal experiences
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    Do you know if you are circumcised or just have a short foreskin ?

    In some circumcisions a certain amount of foreskin remains, in others it is cut back.

    As Eric says you can stretch what you have if you use baby oil and pull it forward when flaccid.

    Steve X claims it makes no difference, but i wonder if he actually had sex b4 he was cut.

    Most of the advantage in sex comes from the frenulum which act like a fulcrum, then the foreskin moves over the top of the glans bunching and unbunching which stimulates the female.

    It is this action which is lost in circumcision. Plus keratinization of the surface of the glans itself.

    I think you might more specific help if you go to & post question on =

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    No it will not!

    Exposure of the head through either a short foreskin or circumcision deadens the over-sensitivity experienced when the penis is flaccid but it makes no difference at all when the penis is erect and you are making love. I had sex both before and after the cut and orgasms are every bit as fulfilling.

    Don't worry about this. Enjoy your life.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
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    This can happen to an extent. You are fortunate if you are still intact (not circumcised). Foreskins vary in length and prominence. Some people have a naturally short foreskin, and some a long, prominent overhang.

    If you want to keep the glans covered to retain sensitivity you can use the same stretching exercises that I use to restore my foreskin.

    I have post some links below that will give you some ideas on what stretches you can do. There are even commercial devices to be used for this purpose, or you can make one at home.

    In the end, you will have far greater success that I because you already have a foreskin to stretch.

    I was not so lucky starting out.

    Please feel free to write to me about this if you have more questions.

    Go to: and read about the reason and function of the foreskin. You will see how very fortunate you are to still have yours, and how misguided that one contributor is, who promotes circumcision.


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    I chatted with a guy that did a foreskin restoration. He said there is tremendous difference now that he has his foreskin back. Not only does the foreskin take all the rubbing from your pants, it keeps the head of the penis moist, making it softer. The nerve endings are protected by the foreskin so the head is more sensitive to movements, etc.

    He claims when he orgasms now it is a mind-blowing experience. Says it's like the orgasm spreads all through his body, not just centralized in the groin area.

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    Yes it can diminish sexual sensitivity, as the glans becomes dry, rough and keratinized.

    It's normal and natural to have a foreskin; that's the state of a complete male.

    If your foreskin is short, it's possible to stretch it daily and extend it for more natural coverage and maximum sensitivity, plus more comfort without the glans rubbing on clothing.

    Simply pull the foreskin out, away from the body, at every opportunity, for about 10-15 minutes per session. It will take months to see an appreciable gain, but you can do it if you persist and make it a habit.

    I was mutilated by circumcsion forced on me at birth, and suffered more than the usual loss of sexual sensitivity as a result of the extensive neural and vascular damage to my penis, plus the keratinization.

    I finally found out about foreskin restoration, which uses techniques that put tension on the shaft skin, gradually allowing new skin cells to grow and fill in, which extends it into a new foreskin.

    While it won't repair the neural and vascular damage that is permanent, it does vastly improve sexual sensitivity and the intensity of orgasms, also.

    More than 200,000 guys are restoring their foreskins, to get back some of the sensitivity/function of which we were deprived by the damage and mutilation that is circumcision.

    Circumcision is a fraud and a hoax.

    A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright.


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