How do i Turn a place into a park?

There is a lot near where i live at and it has a fence around it it makes the neigberhood ghetto. How do i convince people to turn it into a park this lot is big enough to be turned into a small neighberhood park. it is next to those storm drain man made rivers.also there is a lot of ghetto abandon biuldings in my city i want to know how can i help to biuld new places im only like 17 and i dont know what to do.

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    You can start by contacting your district counselor or the county deeds office to find out who owns the land in question. Then gather a petition of locals around the area, and make your voice heard at a city meeting ( which there is one every month just call the city mayors office asking when the next is) and speak clearly knowing that you would like to see a change and are willing to volunteer to clean it up. If the property has no title/deed, due to being an easement, try doing some legwork to see if you can have a block party to clean it up and maybe get some support from the mayors office and local businesses to replant or add sitting areas. If you can't get any support or help from the mayors office or from local volunteers, then contact a local media station asking for help. ( you'll be surprised at how fast people will volunteer if it gets them or their business in the spotlight) You might need to raise funds to match which you can do by have a block yard sale, car wash, or asking for donations.

    You might even be able to get school mates, Beta club members, or Agriculture students to help out to some degree..since it is a type of charity and neighborhood rebuilding project, there are several Grants and no-interest loans that might qualify the mayers office to cut the overall costs down (with the city parks dept. doing the upkeep)

    Hopefully that gives you an idea of where to get started and gives some insight into how making a small step can make a big change...just think about it though, if you're able to get that done, not only does it look great on a college application, but it gives you a lot of street credit towards being political later in life.

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    Put 200 dollars down on Park Place and use your Get Out of Jail Free card!

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