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can someone translate this for me from brazilian portuguese to english (without an online translator)?


"Todo menino do Pelô

Sabe tocar tambor

Todo menino do Pelô

Sabe tocar tambor

Sabe tocar

Sabe tocar

Sabe tocar tambor

Sabe tocar

Sabe tocar

Sabe tocar tambor

Eu quero ver

O menino subindo a ladeira

Sem violência

Com toda a "malemolência"

Fazendo bumba bumba

Fazendo bumba bumba"

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    "Todo menino do Pelô" would mean something like "every boy from Pelô"-- I think "Menino do Pelô" is the title of a popular Brazilian song though.

    "Sabe tocar tambor" - you know how to play the drums, "sabe tocar", as you can infer, means "you know how to play".

    "Eu quero ver" - I want to see

    "O menino subindo a ladeira" - the boy going up the hill

    "Sem violência" - without violence

    "Com toda a 'malemolência'" - with all the 'malemolência' -- I'm not entirely sure what "malemolência" means. It may be a pun on "malevolência" (malevolence, spite).

    "Fazendo bumba bumba" - making/doing bumba bumba. "Bumba bumba" is an onomatopoeia. Probably the sound of a drum here.

    Source(s): Portuguese speaker Concise Portuguese Dictionary
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