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When did Obama say, "I want to destroy this country."?

I see and hear cons say this all the time, but never really tied to anything. Most are up in arms against the TARP program and bailouts, which I am not in love with in many respects, but I think those who think the government's response should have been to do nothing and let the economy totally collapse is not well informed. Does anyone remember what was happening at the end of Bush's administration? Remember $5/gal gas? Remember the number of large banks in danger of failing? Where do you think that would have left people? Letting everything collapse would have meant more jobs for all? I agree the deficit is terrifying, but the Iraq war that Bush/Cheney HAD to start has cost us dearly, and can be what makes us collapse financially. Looking back at the British, Spanish Empires or the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was miscalculated, unwinnable military engagement that brought them down financially. We thought we were different. But Obama didn't mastermind that did he?


Actions speak louder than words, I agree. What actions are you basing it on?

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    1 decade ago
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    The conservatives and Republican Party have become so *desperate* these days, that they are practically inventing ANYTHING...any story, any lie, any kind of *fabrication* to make Obama look bad.

    They claim that Obama's responsible for Bush's deficit-spending, responsible for the bank bailouts, responsible for the wars in the Middle East, and responsible for the recession--which has cost millions of Americans their livelihood.

    They don't care about facts or reality. They would just rather *lie* than accept to the truth that both Bush and the GOP (cow belled!) up badly and are the parties responsible for the mess which Obama himself inherited.

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    People who say that are ridiculous. Even if the stimulus and the bailouts weren't the right thing, he thought they were. No one can predict what will happen in any situation, and economic advisers recommended these actions. I think they saved us from an economy that would have been much worse.

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    4 years ago

    i did not vote for Obama yet i don't think of he's destroying US. to those that say he's...I say learn some history and economics. previous to the super melancholy grew to become into the final time we had such a huge gulf between wealthy and not wealthy and It grew to become into between the main important factors that brought about the melancholy as evidenced by enormously lots all scholars. The wealth redistribution courses of the recent Deal have been in charge for the super Compression which placed the vast majority of the inhabitants into the midsection type and grew to become into the main rich time in US history. So the full theory of wealth redistribution collapsing our us of a is a hundred% invalid. looks like bitter grapes to me after the numerous some years of trickle down economics proving that it has on no account and could on no account artwork. the full organisation sort of the U. S. has replace into so perverted that the full organisation secotr needs to be remodeled. those new age robber barons worked their way into the halls of ability and had each and all of the policies against organisation revoked which allowed the upward push of the is in direct opposition to the unfastened marketplace general by the anti-believe regulations the place innovation and a artwork ethic can placed somebody forward. immediately it is not the case because of the fact the enormous organisation device properly-knownshows any hint of opposition and grinds it out of organisation by the two leaning on government to run the guy out of organisation, stealing the innovation and dealing individual into courtroom until at last they're bled dry or purely easy ol merchandising with their billions working smear campaigns. i think of that purely because it grew to become into on the tip of the commercial era, that's time for us to as quickly as lower back take inventory, reformat our us of a because it has drifted so a techniques from what that's meant to be and what it grew to become into right into a perverted nightmare. Small organisation is robust for united statesa.....those bloated companies that variety into lynchpins of the financial device and then give way decrease than their own weight of ineffiencies and fraud taking us all down with them...are un-American

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    Moron liberals: This has nothing to do with the clown's skin color.

    He's trying to turn America into a Communist nation, first and foremost.

    Do you have any idea how much money he's spent? Do you have any idea how much debt this moron is sinking us into? If that's not bad enough, have you seen the unemployment rates? That stimulus was a whopping success, wasn't it?

    Not even a year into his term, he showed HIS racism by calling a white police officer "stupid" for doing his job while telling the American people not to "jump to conclusions" when self proclaimed "Soldier of Allah" Major Hasan screamed "Allah Ackbar!" as he shot unarmed soldiers.

    Obama is pushing a health care reform that will force American citizens to purchase a product or face legal action, and this same reform will cause even more unemployment than we already have (an all-time high!).

    I'm not even going to get started on the corporate bailouts.... *facepalm*

    It took him how many months to listen to the Generals in Afghanistan begging for more troops?

    Redistribution of the wealth is also a great plan. Let's take money away from honest, hardworking American families so that we can give it to some crack dealing low life that collects a welfare check.

    He is allowing the 9/11 terrorists to be tried in NYC instead of a military tribunal, which is the equivalent of trying the Japanese pilots of Pearl Harbor in a Hawii court room. These terrorists are now going to be given the political platform they have always dreamed of.

    We have Navy SEALs going on trial for giving the world's most wanted terrorist a fat lip. A fat lip. This man was captured in a war zone and now the SEALs are going up for brutality charges, and Obama is just going to watch this happen.

    And if you're a liberal: He still hasn't (and won't) repeal the Patriot Act, and he's sending more troops to the middle east. How does that not piss off the liberals?

    Source(s): Anyone who says Barry Hussein is doing a good job is either being POLITICAL or just doesn't watch the news and they'll follow their Democratic Messiah to Hell and back. This clown is destroying our country.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Obama says that every the dreams of Conservatives.

    And every night in the dreams of Conservatives....they take back the country, but then they wake in the morning and realize it was just a dream and they turn on the computer and start posting about taking back the country, day after day after gets sooooo boring, they should just stay in dreamland, where GW Bush is King of America and has purged the entire world of the scary brown skinned people.

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    More than words, Obama is putting plans on the table for more government control than most people want. First the car industry, then the energy industry, then health care. It's not what he says outright, it's his takeovers that people do not want.

  • 1 decade ago

    Obama said, and I quote, "We're five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America". That statement is not to be taken lightly because he most definitely is trying to change it into what it was never meant to be.

  • He favors Govt control instead of free enterprise as shown in his TARP, Stimulus, present Health Care packages, cash for clunkers, GM bailout, etc. He also has said that America has been a bad example for other Countries and if you have any brains, which libs don't, all you have to see is the way he fawns and talks and acts soft toward World Leaders to see the body language that he is apologizing for the so called "Bush years". Not to mention a public circus trial for people who have already pleaded "guilty" AND,,,..are NOT NOT NOT covered by our Constitution even though radical libs think as much.

    In short, anyone, like the libs on here and their leader, that want to see modern day America replaced, hates our Country and wants to destroy the American way of life.

  • 1 decade ago

    When he knew that he had all the kool-aid drinkers wrapped around his little finger.

    The rest of us, the Constitution and America are getting the middle finger from barack insane obama, The Little Socialist Community Organizer !!

  • 1 decade ago

    he says it every morning after he brushes his teeth.

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