What would cause a car to fry a battery And what would cause the car battery to die with out leaving the Light?

last weekend my moms car battery died, and we bought a new one, and had it put in. she did not leave the lights on. and then three days later it died again, once again did not leave anything on. so we took it in to the shop the people told her where to park it and with in an hour they said it was the battery was dead again. she did not leave any lights on. and they do not know whats worng with it. the found out that the car fryed the battery, and that the repair could coast up to 1000 dollars. they said it might be the alternatior, or the generator. but does a car witht an alrernatior have a generator? this was yesterday. they still dont know whats wrong with it, its a 1997 jeep charchoke, and the soonest we might have it back it monday, any ideas? and the battery that was fryed was just bought a week ago tomarrow


when ever my mom truns off the car the fan keeps on running for ever. is it just cooling down the car because we have the heat on or would that cause the battery to die? how easy it that to fix

Update 2:

i just called the shop again, they still dont know whats worng, but they were saying that depending on what it is the repair could coast up to 1000 dollars.

Update 3:

we found out from the shop where it is at. that it is not the alternator, but that they still dont know what it is. they are now looking at the electeral stuff, is there anything electeral that goes with the alternator?

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    yeah it would be a alternator, but then again it could be the solenoid. but i would put money on the alt. and 1000 for a alt is outrageous to be honest its not a big/ expensive part to replace. i would shop around, also do know your rights they have to tell you what and why they are replacing parts. if you don't know what something does google it.

    Demand Re-man alternators

    Replacing the belt IS AN OPTION

    Source(s): ASE-Mechanic
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    It may be covered under your warranty but I doubt it.Most electrical stuff is only good for a year,thus the word "limited"in your warranty.When you jumped the bike with the car you probably fried the stator and you are putting out zero juice.You can re-charge the battery and the bike will run until all the juice is gone from the battery again.Take it back to the dealer and just don't tell them you jumped it with a car,tell them you used an extra bike battery and it ran till you pulled the cables off.If you have access to a meter you can check it yourself--repost with your decision and let us know if you are gonna work on it or is the shop going to.Because it is covered under the warranty,maybe Kawasaki will let you take it to an authorized dealer down there where you are at now............From your additional details this is what I would do,put a charged battery in it and go for a 15 minute ride ,close to home and see if it dies again.Or you you can check voltage and perform a test on the stator if you have a meter and can read it.

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    First you have an alternator, generators stopped being used in the 60's for most cars.

    It sounds like a short in the electrical system, this could be anywhere. They are normally cheap to fix once they are found, but the labor required to find them can be huge. Any electrical component or wire could be at fault, and their are miles of wire in modern cars.


    It is not the fault of an alternator not charging the battery, if that was the case the battery would die while you were driving, not when the car is sitting.

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    Sounds like you have a short that is draining the battery. These will drain the battery without running the jeep. They can be hard to find. See if the shop has someone that can look for the short or knows a shop that specialize in this.good luck

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    My first knee jerk impulse would be to get it out of whatever repair facility it's in - they are obviously not competent enough to work on this vehicle.

    The battery and charging system as well as any parasitic draw that might be present are easily diagnosed by any technician with a basic understanding of a vehicle's electrical system - and without any exotic testing equipment.

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    1 decade ago

    could be the alternator or possibly bad mangled wires that has gotten to decade or acid from battery

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    Overcharging from alternator, or possible short somewhere

    Car batteries can be very dangerous when they are "fried", if so much as a spark occurs they can explode causing gruesome injuries.

    NEVER mess with a battery that is steaming, leaking acid, or smells like rotten eggs (battery acid smell), pay a professional to do it or try to get a kid at Autozone to :)

    Source(s): edit: Misunderstood your question, you are asking what would put a drain on a battery so fast... my guess would be bad alternator and the vehicle is trying to run on the batteries reserve capacity or a parasitic drain (e.g. something that continues to run after the car is off)
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    if your battery is dieing after you replaced it, most likely its going to be your alternator which recharges the battery. as for the alternator, it works just like a generator but on a car its called "

    alternator" which is belt driven.

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    99% sure its ur alternator..

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