Why is it wrong to "steal" somebody's girlfriend ?

I've never been able to understand this. Women are not property, they don't belong to anybody so they can't be taken from anybody. They're humans and they have free will which they can exercise. If I'm attracted to a woman who has a boyfriend , and I think she could do way better than him, why would it be wrong if I spent five minutes trying to convince her to go out with me ?

And I literally mean 5 minutes of conversation, I wouldn't be harassing her or anything like that. If she gave me a firm no then that would be the end of it. If I do manage to lure her away from her boyfriend, why am I seen as such an asshole ? Like I said, it's her decision, no gun would be put to her head.

And why should I care about the boyfriend's feelings, what if he's a jerk, or what if he's just a regular guy. Why is his happiness more important than mine ?

Some might say bad karma, I think that's ridiculous. I'd be doing the guy a favor, and so would any guy who "steals" my girlfriend be doing me a favor. Why would you ever want to be with somebody who allows herself to be "stolen" because another guy is better looking than you ? Better it happens now than when you're married with children 10 years down the line.


1337chillax thank you for pointing out what should have obvious to everybody, but evidently not. How could you be in "love" with somebody if somebody you hardly know could get you to leave that person in 5 minutes ? And it doesn't even matter if that person you just met 5 minutes ago looks like Brad Pitt, you wouldn't care about that if you were in love.

Update 2:

Alma F I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend, is he abusive, does he have anger issues, or is he just uncivilized ? Why would he want to break another man's neck and back just for asking you out ? Also he should know that he's not strong enough to do that to any man he pleases, and we also have a legal and criminal justice system which would put him in jail for doing so.

Update 3:

Christopher L, you really want to bring up God ?First off I'm not "coveting" anybody's wife, and also that same God of yours says that premarital sex is wrong too.

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    "why is his happiness more important than mine?" Seriously? It's called courtesy and being decent enough to find you're own girlfriend. And if she is so easy to be taken from him, who says she won't do that to you?

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    Okay, so imagine the girl leaves her boyfriend for you. Now, I'd be insecure about this as the new boyfriend. Because if you're not as you portray yourself to be and/or the girl feels it's not working out, she doesn't have those feeling she had for you or whatever the excuse and meets someone else who only seems better. Then she's more likely to continue the cycle to find the right man by leaving you for another person. How would you feel being the boyfriend that she dumps? You'd feel just the guy who you stole her from in the first place, if he knows of course.

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    I would take a little time and find out if she is happy in the relationship she is in before I go for the kill. If she seems unhappy, or the guy is a total jerk, why not? I would find it flattering if someone approached me, even if i was in a relationship. What's the worst she could say? No? Oh well. then the timing isn't right and you wait a little longer to see if the relationship dissolves. Married or engaged? Completely different story! But just "dating"? If she says no, then the only person that could be hurt is you and she knows that she has options if the guy does turn out to be a jerk.

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    I agree, people cannot be stolen. However, if she is willing to cheat on her boyfriend or even leave him for you while she was in a relationship with him, you need to ask yourself, why would YOU want someone like that in the first place. Relationships do fade out, but the adult thing to do is let the other person in the relationship know first, not last or even second. It does not make you the asshole, it makes her one.

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    Nothing is wrong with it. If you have the skills to pull off an operation like that and she is willing to go along then it is perfectly fine.If her current BF isn't pleasing her and making her want to stick around then it is free game... Maybe I just have a clouded view of reality but that how I see it. If she is Married or engaged then it might be a different story.

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    I guess it's not bad unless your friends with the chicks boyfriend, then you would be an asshole. otherwise, like if you dont even know or like him, then it doesnt really matter, this is coming from a girl by the way though. but if its the girls choice than hell right theres nothing wrong with that. especially if you dont beg the girl, you just stop when she says no or whatever you said.

    why did this happen to you.if it did gooodluuck, hah.

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    Well, it is 'wrong' to 'steal' somebody's girl because they asked her first, they have a relationship, blahblahblah.

    I think its stupid, as stated, all's fair in love and war :P

    But more importantly, if she says yes to you, either she wasn't really that happy in that relationship, he's a bad guy, or she's a bad girl (I don't mean that in a sexual way, but rather that she isn't a good person to have a lasting relationship with).

    And people say "well what if they're in love?"

    If they're in love why would she leave him for you? Seriously guys lets think about that one.

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    First of all you don't mess with taken girls. That's why there is single girls out there, and they are probably waiting to be taken! Those are the girls you should be after. And second of all if they have a boyfriend its for a reason. I don't think a girl would go out with someone if they didn't like them, at least a smart girl wouldn't. I suggest you stop trying to steal girlfriends and look for someone who is SINGLE.

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    His happiness is more important than yours because he saw her first, then started dating her.

    It's not fair for you to take her away from him.

    She's not property, but in a way she belongs to him.

    "I'd be doing the guy a favor, and so would any guy who "steals" my girlfriend be doing me a favor"

    Then perhaps you dont deserve a girlfriend if you see it that way.

    Youre not a very nice person.

    You shouldnt mess with people or their relationships.

    Its unfair, unkind, and yes, you would be an asshole.

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    You said any guy who stole my girlfriend away would be doing me a favor because I wouldnt want to be with someone who allows herself to be stolen away from another guy.So what happenes when a new guy comes along whose hotter than you and wants her? She'll leave you and go for him.You just said you wouldnt want to be with a girl who lets herself be stolen,so whats going on right now?Your a hypocrite.

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    Of course you're right. Each of us has the free will to make our choice of companions. And people fall into and out of love all the time. Look at the divorce rate. Look how friendships wither and die. Tastes change. I think it would be wrong to try to interfere with a marriage but interfering with any other relationship...go for it. We don't make other people fall in love with us, they do it of their own free will.

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