what does MSSJ mean in Dragonball Z?

i read it on forums, they keep saying that MSSJ Gohan is stronger than MSSJ Goku..i think SSJ mean Super Saiyajin, but what does the M stand for?

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    Well... it actually means "Mastered" Super Saiyan (well technically Super Saiya-jin). Saiya-jin is simply the just the Japanese way of saying "A person of Saiya", like I would be a "America-jin" or American (Saiya is a corruption of the japanese word for vegetabe "yasai"). MSSJ is most commonly used to refer to the master super saiyan state, but can also refer to Gohan's "Mystic" Super Saiyan and very rarely Majin Vegeta (as his entire time as a Majin was in a Super state). It depends on the context, but when comparing Goku and Gohan it refers to the state that they achieved after coming out of the "Hyperbolic Time Chamber" (room of space and time) when they were preparing for the Cell games.

    Mastered Super Saiyan (officially named Full-Power Super Saiyan) is a form with approximately equivalent power to that of a regular Super Saiyan but with none of the personality changing characteristics, and more harnessed. When Goku originally went Super Saiyan his face was more serious and defined to represent the stark personality change, his muscles bulged and he also was constantly surrounded by a golden aura. Other artistic changes include his hair being spikier and more shaded. A Mastered Super Saiyan can stay in their Super Saiyan state nearly indefinitely as if it were their normal form. A master Super Saiyan is identical to a normal Saiyan with the exception of spiky (though less defined) golden hair and green eyes, and a gold aura (only when power up), as well as a drastic increase in baseline power. Goku invented the form in order to reduce the strain on the body of the form and get their bodies adjusted to that level (similar to weight training). Only Goku and Gohan have officially acheived this form, though Trunks and Goten in particular have demonstrated many of the traits associated with this form. Oh and for the record, Gohan was stronger than Goku in his mastered state.

    Saiyan forms and abbreviations for future reference (listed in order of power level and approximate order of acheivement)

    SSJ,SSJ1,SS = Super Saiyan: Achieved by everybody and their mother (well no girl has ever gone super saiyan, but you get the idea)

    ASSJ,***(haha, but I've seen it before) = Ascended Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Stage 2/Super Saiyan second grade: Acheived by Vegeta, Future Trunks, and Goku

    USSJ,USS = Ultra Super Saiyan :Acheived by Goku and Future Trunks, ignored by Goku and deemed useless by Vegeta

    MSSJ,FPSSJ = Mastered/Full-Power Super Saiyan: Acheived only by Goku and Gohan (possibly Goten, Vegito, Gogeta, Trunks, and Gotenks)

    SSJ2,SS2,= Super Saiyan 2 (Also called "Ascended Saiyan in Funimation dub by Goku"): Acheived officially by Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan; possibly attainable (but never used by) Gotenks,

    Vegito, Gogeta, and Super Buu; achieved by Future Trunks and Future Gohan in the video games

    LSSJ,LSS = Legendary Super Saiyan/True Super Saiyan (rarely and controversially): Acheived by Brolly, and possibly by Ancient Super Saiyan(s)-though that is only a legend

    SSJ3,SS3 = Super Saiyan 3: Achieved only by Goku and Gotenks, though Vegito and Gogeta should know the move as well.

    MSSJ,MSS = Mystic Gohan/Mystic Super Saiyan/Elder Kai Unlock Ability (Budokai games)/Chou Gohan: Achieved only by Gohan, but not actually a Super Saiyan form at all

    ??? = Golden Great Gape/Gold Oozaru/Super Oozaru/any combination of "Great" "Super" "monkey" "Were" "Ape" "golden" and "Oozaru": Achieved only by Goku and Vegeta (and possibly the "original Super Saiyan") technically anyone who has gone Super Saiyan can achieve this state when exposed to a "full planet"


    SSJ4,SS4 = Super Saiyan 4: Achieved by Goku, Vegeta, and Gogeta; Technically can be achieved by anyone who can go Super Saiyan (though it is hinted that they may have to be of pure Saiyan blood)

    If that don't answer your question I don't know what will.

    Source(s): Near Encyclopedic knowledge of DB,DBZ, and DBGT from following the show for 17 years Most of this can be found at the Dragonball wikia http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page All of this information is consistent with the Daizenshuu (official source of Dragonball information)
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    Cell Dbz Wiki

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    The Z in dragonball z means z fighters. all the main characters are in that category.

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    When you see MSSJ on the DBZ message boards, we are referring to "Mastered Super Saiyan". That's a fan name for what Gohan and Goku were during the Cell Games.

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    The only application I can think of would be Majin when applied to Vegita (when he allowed Babidi to take control of him)... maybe Mystic when applied to Gohan (but then the SSJ part doesn't make sense if you do that.)

    For any other characters i have no idea. what the M could stand for

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    Maybe Mistic, I think it is Gohan enhanced by the God.

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    Nothing. There is no such thing, its probably just a fan made term for fanfics and what not.

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    Majin! as in evil version on them

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