MSN PROBLEM! Error code: 80048831?

i have the write email and password and i changed it to amke sure but it keeps coming up as the following:

"We could not sign you into windows live messenger because there is a problem with your windows live ID"

Error code: 80048831


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    You are encountering this issue because your Live ID's password is set to expire after a certain period of time. To resolve this, all you need to do is reset your password. Here are the steps:

    1. Follow these steps to reset your password:

    a. Visit

    b. Click Sign in with a different account.

    c. Enter the ID, and then click Forgot your password.

    d. Follow the wizard to reset your password.

    e. If you need help resetting your password because you forgot your secret question and answer or your "alternate" e-mail address, visit to contact Windows Live ID support, and then select Windows Live ID.

    2. If you successfully signed in to your account, follow these steps to remove the saved credentials and reenter the updated credentials:

    a. In the Windows Live n window, select your e-mail address from the E-mail address drop-down list. If your e-mail address is not on the list, go to step c.

    b. Click Forget Me, and then click Yes to confirm the deletion.

    c. Type your e-mail address and your password.

    d. Select the "Remember Me" and "Remember my password" check boxes to save your sign-in information, and then click Sign in.

    You can also use this link to contact Windows Live Messenger Technical Support.

    Source(s): Thanks, Steven Chong.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    did you set up your password to expire each 72 hours?

    that might be the reason

    ➸open your browser

    ♦ tools

    ♦ internet options

    ♦ remove cookies

    ❣then try again and if it doesn't work use the secret question or the alternative mail

    ❣do not forget to untick the option that the password expires each 72 hours

    ➸once in windows live hotmail

    ♦ options

    ♦ more options

    ♦ manage your account

    ♦ View and edit your personal information

    ♦ then in the account settings page

    ♦ go to 'change password'

    ♦ set it up there

    ❤*`•.ï ђøρε ï ђεlρεḋ¸.•*❤

    (\__/) (\(\

    (='.'=) (=':')

    (")_(") ((")(") ❤


    ❤.ђคשε ค ηï¢ε đคу❤

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  • 1 decade ago

    hey if ur getting really angry at this msn just try an online msn like or i use them sometimes but works really well

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