what age to tell a child on the spectrum the truth about santa?

i have an 11 year old who has aspergers and a 2 year old who is not on the spectrum. We want to tell my older son the truth but we are afraid he will tell other younger children, and ruin it for them. My 2 year old finding out is not a big deal, as he is to young to remember but other children are. any recommendations?

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  • Bumble
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    1 decade ago
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    You say that you are afraid to tell your children the truth ....

    but the real question here is what do you consider to be the truth?

    The one thing I will never understand is why we as parents would

    perpetuate the existence of Santa Claus only to "break the truth"

    to them that he never was real ...

    But what exactly is the truth? The truth is that Santa Claus is real -

    Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children was just as real as you

    and I - it was his gift of kindness that grew and spread throughout

    the world which made him larger than life and it was his love of

    the children that has remained to this day - in many forms throughout

    all the world it was that gift that had taken hold and has breathed life

    into him and has made him whole..

    Santa Claus lives

    Although you may not see him in the flesh he will always be there -

    and that gift of love will be passed on to your children's children just

    like your parents passed it on to you ... and Santa will live once again

    Santa is more than just a myth - more than an image

    Santa is a representation of what the true meaning of Christmas is all


    Santa is about the children

    Santa is about one man's wish that the birth of one child should be

    celebrated not just for that one child but for all children - and it is

    that legacy that lives on to this day

    A legacy of love

    I understand that it is a sign of "growing up" to want to put away all

    of the things that we once cherished when we were younger...

    boys will put away their Transformers and little girls will put away their


    and it is this reason that there are those that would say that Santa

    doesn't exist - to feel grown up

    but he will always be there

    The irony of the situation that those who say that there is no Santa

    will one day have children of their own -- and Santa will be there to

    make his rounds for them

    and their children will all share in this love

    A special kind of love that is given from loving parents to their child

    Santa is alive and well

    Santa will outlive us all

    and I could not be anymore


    because I would not want

    to live in a world where

    there is no Santa

    a world without a Santa Claus

    is a world without love

    and that is what Christmas is

    all about:


    The truth is this ...

    Santa Claus is love

    and that love is real

    In time, your children will understand


    Bumble smilez**


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  • Kit
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    1 decade ago

    I also have AS and when I first learned the truth at age nine, mom told me to not tell my brothers and other kids at school because it would upset them to hear he isn't real. I didn't want them to be upset so I didn't tell them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    why tell him at all?

    kids eventually figure it out as they get older

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