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teen parents vs older parents?

Is it better to be a teenage parent, older parent?

I am going to be a teenage mama, I am 17 and the father of the baby is 18.

Older parents have more responsibility, but younger parents have all the energy in the world.

So....which is better? To be a teen parent? Or older parent?

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    I don't think age makes you a good parent. What makes you a good parent is how well you take care of your child, putting your child before yourself and how much love you show your child. Age does not raise a child. I hate how people think it does. I am a teenager and I do a great job at taking care of my daughter. My husband is not a teenager and I take more care of her than he does. He still acts so childish. I am sure he will grow out of it but wow I often feel so old compared to him. I have always felt older than people my age. I am eighteen years old now. I love my daughter and husband; they always come first! DARKSKINNYBOY: Having a baby changes anyone's life, no matter if you are 17 or 25. I don't regret having a baby at an early age. My life has just started and I have plenty of adventures ahead of me. =]

    Source(s): I am 18, married and have a 2 1/2 month old daughter.
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    Well, an older parent does not have more responsibility than a younger one. The responsibilities of parenting are the same no matter how old you are. You still have to feed and clothe your child, provide a home for them, love and educate, etc.

    Younger parents do not have all the energy in the world. The only reason older parents seem to have less is because they live in the real world. Believe me, once you have that baby and get thrust into having real responsibilities you won't be as energetic as you thought you were. In fact you'll probably be in worse shape than your average "older parent". Even a teen will get tired of only being able to sleep a few hours at a time and coping with a newborn who just won't stop crying. What an older parent may lack in energy they make up for in wisdom and patience. That is what's really important. Energy means nothing if you're not smart about how you manage it.

    There is no "better". Just as there are teens out there capable of being good parents, there are old folks in the world who shouldn't be allowed near a child. It's not always about age.

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    My answer is that you can be a good parent whatever age you are. But it takes two people to work together to be good parents. Otherwise you become a single mother and have to work alone. I had my first child 2 months before I was 21 and then my second at 23 and I felt like I wasn't ready. My answer to the question is you are up against a lot of struggles along the way. Sometimes it is best to stay home with your parents with your partner and live in the garage for a few years to get your lifes in order to save up for a home and go without for a while because once you have the baby you need to provide a home for that child. If you go out in the big world you will have to pay high rent costs and that can put financial pressures on the relationship. You end up paying dead rent and relying on charities for help because it is so damm hard out there. There are places around such as community housing, department of housing to help you with getting into accommodation but the lists are so long. You may have all the energy in the world to be a young parent but you when you have no money it is so much harder on your relationship to survive. The best solution is to try and live in your parents garage or get a caravan and put up with it until you can save a deposit to find a nice home to provide financial security for your baby. Whilst the baby is young you are better to get onto it now rather than later because things go up in price. I suggest maybe buying a block of land like I have now and getting some equity in it then going for another loan to put a home on it or buying an old house that is cheap. I went to a mortage broker mortgage choice that helped with giving me the right direction to go to. I am not paying of a block of land but I am in my late 30's and raising 3 kids on my own if I did it when I was younger I would be in a better situation. Both you and your partner need to be in this together and go without and grow together. Not apart. If you grow apart you will break up. So my moto is have a plan for your destiny and work together.

    Source(s): My experience throughout the years
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    Ya wanna come run with me in the morning? 10 miles. Approximately 6 minutes each.

    I'm 35.

    Why do teenagers think people who are twice their age can't keep up with kids?

    All that said, there are advantages and disadvantages of whatever age you are when you have a child. Life is what you make of it, it's not a competition with anyone else. Why compare? The only way YOU can know what's better is to get pregnant again after you're 35 and see if it's any different the second time around.

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    I won’t personally answer such a generalised statement about all younger and older mothers.

    But I will answer based on my own person experience. I had my first child at 31 years old, I was happily married, traveled quite extensively, been to university, owned our own home, debt free, financially secure, in great health and most important my husband and I were both emotionally ready for children.

    I often wonder were younger mother get the impression that generally mothers in their 30's can’t keep up with their children; 30- 40 is not that old ;). I am very fit and healthy, great blood pressure, no medical conditions, ideal weight and all my pregnancies and births have been complication free. I regularly going hiking, canoeing, swimming, weekly yoga sessions, skiing weekly in the winter and as such I have no difficulty at all keeping up with my very active boys aged 7 & 5! Not to mention my three daughters aged 5, 2 and 18 months ;) Actually I love being outside, running around, playing with my children!

    So for me personally starting my family in my 30’s was perfect

    Source(s): 'Older' mother of five... soon to be six
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    Most teenagers can't even clean up their own rooms!! I would say that age shouldn't defy your parenting skills. Trust me, their is so much responsibility that comes along with being a parent and I think it doesn't matter what age you are, as long as you give that child 150% at all time. Good luck with your baby:)

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    Older parent because being a teen parent will change any teenager's life.

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    with age comes wisdom so the 27 yr old mama and the 28 yr old poppa have more experience

    like a decade

    teenage marriages have disastrous divorce rates

    there is too much living to do between 17 and 25

    and a child SEVERELY limits what you can do (we have to get a sitter -

    sitter called - child is throwing up - etc)

    sorry you cannot wait for this one - looks like you are locked in

    all the best

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