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Is there such a thing as racism toward one's own race?

I have been discussing prejudice and discrimination with colleges, and a few "claim" to racially discriminate their own culture.

Does such a thing exist? Is it simply an extremely negative attitude toward's one's own in-group, which is mistaken for racism? What do you regard as racism?

All thoughts welcome.

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    You're asking about a well known psychological phenomenon. When any group suffers hatred and discrimination, it's fairly common for people in that group to develop an attitude of self-hatred. One term for that is "internalized racism."

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    Of course. All those unconscious racism studies show black people racist against themselves. An extremely negative attitude toward one's own group as opposed to another is still racism. It's hardly a mystery how that happens-- you absorb the story of the dominant culture.

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    I paintings at a center college in a city the place whites are the minority and positively ninety% of the non white scholars do no longer additionally be attentive to that racism against white human beings is a risk?! through fact that i'm white and can't dream of attempting to open the undertaking up for talk - i assume i will in simple terms commence pulling the race card too.. There are greater teenagers than i will count selection who blatantly disrespect white college workers and are angels to all black team? clarify that

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    Yes, havent you ever heard of "racial pride"?!?!

    That is an unfounded, non-special, non-unique, non-individualized feeling of supremacy... it drives a wedge between groups of people. You set your own race apart from others when you arrogantly believe its deserving of your pride, or that you should feel pride for being that race. As though you wouldnt have the same sense of pride for being any other race?!?! Proof that its arbitrary and meaningless, right there... as no race is any better than any other, but having pride in one is like being thankful that youre not any other... there is obviously a bias and a bigotry there... the affiliation you have for your kin inherently biases you against others. Whether you hate others or not isnt even a factor, hate is such a strong word. But love can be equally unfounded and equally prejudicial. Love biases people from other peoples with just as much strength and determination as anything. You cannot favor your kin without disfavoring those who arent your kin by default.

    Such pride in race is a superficial, blind and meaningless pride, which requires no justification or proof, is usually unfounded and unverifiable, and unanimous to all within that race... providing all therein a sense of pride for doing nothing and being nothing other than merely existing. A perfect substitute when you have contributed and done nothing as an individual, neither worthy of respect nor deserving of "personal pride"... then racial pride is a fall back for finding feel good feelings and acceptance when its lacking otherwise.

    I find some races have more racial pride than others... not because those others have shame, but because those with the "excessive" pride have it only because they are lowly garbage otherwise. Their pride, value and worthiness is validated only by those of their same racial affiliation... and even then its just words and stroking egos in the most meaningless way.

    The races that have less or no racial pride... its not because they are ashamed of their race, no.... but rather its because they need not focus on such superficialities... they have individualized pride, in the form of deeds and actions and achievements which are their own and no one elses. Which is truly something to be proud of.

    Being proud of superficialities that you were born with, born into, which you will never lose and need never maintain, which you never decided for yourself nor had any capacity to change, which is inherent to your physical being and which no one who doesnt posses may acquire... that is just an absurd rationalization to make you feel better about yourselves than you really should.

    When society, or particular races, hold certain races to a double standard... then you have an issue. A black man who has racial pride is a man who has overcome diversity and never let the white man beat him down. While a white man who exhibits racial pride is likely confused for a racist, a bigot or a supremest. A black man in a successful position who "hooks a brotha up" is doing the community a favor. A white man who hooks up another white man is violating equal opportunity laws.

    Likewise, men who support men are sexist. Women who support women are "feminists". Cops who support cops are corrupted and dont look out for non-partisan justice or law-enforcement. See where a little "prideful affiliation" causes problems, hate, animosity, and the like in the long run?


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    sure there is i grew up in a black neighborhood and i am white and this was in the late 50s and early 60s i was 14 yrs old before i was around a lot of white kids and did that blow me away..that is when i first got a taste of racism and it came from my own race to this day i still have a bitter taste in my mouth...

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    The educated people of the black community are prejudiced toward what they deem the degradation of their own kind. An excel;lent example is Bill Cosby.

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    Yes because some can get disappointed with their own race that they shun anything that has 2 do with it.

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    It would be nice if MORE people had negative attitudes towards their own race, instead of imagining a past glory that NEVER EXISTED. Like those people who paint faux brown-skinned warriors on the backs of their dumbass low-rider vans, coming here to OUR country, selling their red, white and green flags out of some abortive sense of pride.

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    One time called "Oreo's" white on the inside, black on the outside,

    also known with regard to 'white's' as reverse Oreo's

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