why does dunkin' donuts re-hire fired employees but does not allow for a re-transfer?

I work for dunkin' donuts as a shift leader. I had asked for a transfer so that way I can get my own store one day. I have all of my manager training done. The store I originally came from had no drive-thru so I needed to go to one that did have one. My dad is my ride to work he is old and has heart problems, I dont have my license for my own reasons as I am afraid to drive. and i have good reasons. no one else can bring me to work. my dad gets up at 4am and doesnt get to bed until after 11pm because he has to get me at 10pm bring me home then he goes home. its wearing him down so i asked for a transfer back because i would get mornings there. my manager now can not give me mornings at all i tried to work things out with him but he says there is nothing that he can do. when i asked my general manager for a transfer he said that its against company policy to transfer a second time. but its also against company policy to re-hire people that have been fired. This one employee worked at one store and was fired. the next week he was at my old store, got fired there. 2 days later he was at another store again until he got fired this last time. the stores he was at are all owned by the same guy so its obviously against company policy what they were doing. so if they can do this why cant they send me back to my old store? is there anything i can do like get a lawyer. i need my job but this is not fair.

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    It's harder to get new employees, but easier to keep you the ones there. Obviously, you're not going anywhere anytime soon because if u were, u would have gone by now.

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  • Ryan M
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    1 decade ago

    You cannot get a lawyer because you are not entitled to ANYTHING in this situation. You have ZERO actual damages. You cannot force an employer to make you work at a certain location. If you don't like that, then work somewhere else. You work for the needs of your employer, they DO NOT work around YOUR needs. That is the way the adult world works.

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