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Egyptians: When another Arab expresses negative feelings about Egypt?

Do you believe he means the Egyptian government actions or Egyptian people in general?

If you are not Egyptian and are answering this question, please state your nationality (if you don't mind).

I will say my personal opinion later. Just want to hear yours first.

Thank you.


Zoser: I appreciate your honest answers. My other question was reported and deleted for posting it in Arabic (not using the language of the forum)

Update 2:

First of all, I would like to thank all for answering this question sincerely with so many good answers. I thought this was an important question to ask at this point to share and understand our feelings on this important issue.

My Opinion:

I believe the vast majority of the Arabs when they express negative feelings about Egypt today mean the Egyptian government in particular and NOT the Egyptian people. This is especially true with the position that the Egyptian government and government controlled media have taken with regard to the blockade of the Gaza Strip. I consider myself to be among this group.

I also believe there is a significant minority who mean the Egyptian government and people at the same time, and think both are the same. I think this group is being UNFAIR as the Egyptian government in my opinion (as is the case with most Arab governments) does not truly represent the people.

Update 3:

I believe there also exists a much smaller minority that express their negative feelings about Egyptian people in general regardless of the government. There should be no surprise here, as small racist groups exist in most societies (including Egypt itself), but such small groups do not represent any society as a whole unless they are elected by the people to govern (I do not know of any Arab country that elected a racist government in real free elections).

Update 4:


Further comments:

As for the examples quoted in some of the answers about mistreatment of Egyptians by some Arabs, if you look at it more closely you will find out that those Arabs mistreat also other Arabs the same way. The Kafeel system in Gulf countries applies to all nationalities, not only Egyptians. The bad behavior of some immigration officials in SA applies to people of all nationalities. The racist comments said about Egyptians by some Arabs are also said about many other nationalities by the same individuals.

But to be also honest with ourselves, the difficulty of getting anything done with the government in people’s own countries (Egypt and most other Arab countries) are often far worse than the “mistreatment” in getting government related work done in gulf states.

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    Wallahi wallahi,, They mean all the Egyptians,,,how can( many answerers ) who never traveled to any Arabic country know??I swear and God is my witness,, in Kuwait Tv one sheik said it clearly (marriage of Khliyaji woman to non khliji man is haram,, as one condition of marriage in Islam the social compatibility,, and anyone not (khliji) is less in his social class...They call the Egyptians (beto3 el foul)...Too bad that my answer to your last Q was deleted as i do not want to repeat my self,,,but I swear,,, the Arabs in general do not like the Egyptians,(maybe some lebanese, Tunisians and Moroccans like them)..To be honest the old Arab generations who are cultured and studied in Egypt,,like the Egyptians,, but the new generation , even look down to them SORRY , But that is the fact, and I traveled all those countries,,,,anyway..

    That is now and even before when they did not allow the Egyptians to enter (Cairo.. ) unless they ask for one to come,,,in a condition : to come bare feet ,,

    here is something to read:

    نتكلم بصراحة..

    فالمواطن المصرى غريب فى كل بلد عربى يذهب إليه، مضطهد فى كل بلد عربى يذهب إليه، بل مكروه فى كل بلد عربى يذهب إليه، ينظرون له على أنه الأجير الذى اشتروه بثمن بخس دراهم معدودة.. وبعد أن كان مدرسا وطبيبا وعالما.. أصبح سائقا أو طباخا أو "لامؤاخذة خدّامة

    أيضا يضايقنى ويؤسفنى ويحزننى ما تتعرض له جماعة (الإخوان المصريين) من بعض العرب، سواء المقيمون فى مصر مثل أسرة الأمير ترك، أو القادمون للسياحة فيها، متصورين أنها عزبة أهاليهم وأن المصريين عبيد مناكيد.. وأظن أنه يضايقك أيضا.. أليس كذلك

    Then why do we go far? read the comment of the Arabs in all the (Arabic news websites,, and see your self) when there is any thing related to the Egyptians,,

    You asked a Q and I answered it honestly,, I do not care if I am believed or not,,,,,no hidden agenda, no benefit,, I just like to say the truth

    edit: Of course G#2 is a Belgian Egyptian,, the قانون العبودية (يسمونه قانون الكفالة) is not applied on him,,neithr need a visa,, but normal Egyptians ,,, oh do not let me start it,, it is funny that when I made 3omra,, the immigration there (later in Macca) asked me rudely If I had a permission from my (kafeel ) to travel from Mecca to Madina ( we do not have even the freedom to fulfil our beliefs),, although I had a special mission visa for the Egyptian embassy (written in the passport),,,In the meantime all of us know that there were some times- private planes standing at Cairo airport days and night (under commands ) of some Egyptian actresses,,,

    Now i am an old guy,, and I want to go and live next the tomb of the Prophet (SA) can I do that,,(although I have enough to cover me!!!) ,,

    All that does not matter,, but what the official position of the Arabs (Gulf people and others ) to the Egyptians,,it is known that A slave means (who do not have the freedom to move- who do not control himself) well what is Kafalah means?? Slaves also are fed by the master,,, exactly like the Egyptians in the Gulf , if we say that the Egyptians are treated bad in some westren Embassies,,, what about how they are treated in the Arab embassies??

    We know how people treat others,, not juding how they treat (the higher class of them) But the average ,,

    besides: if we are brothers really, and one Umma really where my share of the oil revenue is (actually Egypt for centuries fed those people),,t there is 20% of the revenue must be paid by the Islamic law to the rest of the Muslims...


    If you were /are lucky watch this play:

    مسرحية: بالعربى الفصيح (1992)

    it can easy answer your Q( although i think very difficult to find)

    I was idiot enough that I thought the Moroccans like the Egyptians, till I met some in Holland,, one Egyptian wanted to get married to one girl there,, (A female Moroccan Arab -not berber, told here, :are you crazy to get married to an Egyptian-(el motkhalfeen)Tab3an homa men el Ashraf,as they say,,hahah)..Some are trying hard to put different interpretation to the verses and hadith which talked about Misr, even denying it is Egypt,,, to that degree,, anyway,,

    يتبرأ الاخ من أخيه في الدم إذا اساء له و اكل حقه

    و الله يعطيك العافية طول ما الدجاجة حافية

    edit : Very funny article (but true)

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    First we should not generalize or put more than 21 country and their people in one basket that easy. Remember that not all generations of the Arab world are represented either on the internet or even in the Arab media. Yes there are many Arab people expresses negative feelings about Egypt, but not all of them think one way.

    The majority of them are those ignorant new generations who don't understand anything in most fields. Those who think about Politics like football match. They need always to see goals and call the players with their names and say oh good play ... or go to hell traitor. Those are the majority and they don't have even any rule to judge, so they may love or hate in 1 minute and personally I think about them as a dangerous ignorants nothing more. By the way those are easy to win people, just give them a candy or tell them a lie they want to believe. Even them don't know if they mean people or government.

    The other group as a main reason of envy and jealousy. They see only negative things in Egypt to feel better for themselves. They include both also

    The fewer group are those who are really cultured or political people and journalists for example who disagree with the policy of Egypt or with the Egyptian politicians. This group are not concerned much of the Egyptian people unless they want to use them against Egypt. This group is concerned only with their goals whatever it's from the government or the Egyptian people. They change all the time.

    I know it's not the simple answer you may expected, but I think it represents the mixed opinion of many Arabs who think about Egypt more than they think about their countries or what they do themselves.

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    I think that they're referring to both the people and the government, but in different ways. I think many Arabs express negative feelings towards the government because the Egyptian government has betrayed the Arab countries in the Middle East (especially Palestine). Arabs have negative feelings towards the Egyptian people just because of culturally reasons; I'm not sure why. But, I don't think the negative feelings towards Egyptians are anything serious or anything besides a stereotype of some sort. I agree with Zoser that you have to know Arabs to really answer the question. I know Arabs and I don't fully understand why they express negative feelings towards Egyptians. I'm Palestinian and I don't share the resentment towards the Egyptian people that some of my family members do.

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    I think nowadays people from Arab world start to blame the Egyptians themselves because they are silent about a government that surely doesn't represent them.

    And i m sorry to say it but a lot of Arabs really hate Egyptians, Egypt and it's government as well, all alike.

    But that's normal i think, giving the fact that hatred breeds, with significantly low truthful information on what's really going on, people there get to curse everything related to Egyptians.

    Don't forget that although the Arabs are more or less like us here, i mean the culture, they remember when Egypt once was a leader to all nations who wished to get free from all kinds of occupation.

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    Well Arabic is a versatile enough language for anyone to get his message across. I read Arab comments on news papers, forums, and such and I am pretty confident that my assesment is close to the truth.

    Lebanese and Syrians and Iraqis: They either don't care or are slightly in favour of Egyptians (not the government). That said, I have yet to meet an unpleasant Levantine (with the possible exception of LEB TEEZ! :P).

    Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries: The older generation is indifferent, but the rest are some how convinced that they are above us (no exceptions, I have yet to meet a nice Gulf citizen). How they got that into their heads, well let's just say that we did that to our selves. At least, to my mind, that's the major factor.

    Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia: Indifferent with a slight inclination to hate us. Then again, they were always hot blooded people, always ready to pounce. So I don't really mind them (excluding recent football events).

    Libya: People are between the Algerian/Moroccan/Tunisian position and that of the Gulf people.

    Sudan and Palestine: They both like us, a lot. Both really hate our governments, but the Palestinians are desperate enough to take it the extra mile, and actually attack us.

    So depending which Arab, my reaction differs. I discuss the matter if it's a Palestinian or Sudanese, I listen if it's a Lebanese or Syrian or Iraqi, I take it with a pinch of salt and a comment or 2 if it's an Algerian/Moroccan/Tunisian/Libiyan, and finally I fly off the handle if it's a Gulf person talking.

    That is if they are criticising the Egyptian people. If it's about the government I just listen, but I still fly off the handle if it's a guy from the Gulf.

    All the above is based on personal experience of either reading comments, meeting people, or visiting these countries. Through these 3 I have come in contact with many people from all Arab countries.

    Hope I helped!

    Source(s): Proud Egyptian
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  • G. #2
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    Both actually.

    Ex: When the match against Algeria, they meant all people + government.

    Gulf people: The Egyptian people in general.

    Palestinians: Only the government.


    Youtube thumbnail

    Of course this video does not represent all Saudis and Gulf people, but it does some of them.


    @ Mohab: Sorry, but I have to disagree with one point there. You said all Gulf people hate Egyptians, and you yet have to meet one nice Gulf citizen.

    Well I am Egyptian, and live in Kuwait, and I can tell you a lot of them if not most, are nice people and nice to me, etc.. It's just the few bad ones that stand out!


    @ Zoser: Yes, I am Belgian Egyptian and do not need a visa to get into Kuwait, but I still need a Kafeel to be able to stay. And also most people here (in Kuwait I mean) do not even know my Belgian side.

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    In a way, I blame the Egyptian government with making peace with Israel before the rest of the conflict was settled. Maybe initially it was a good idea, but considering what has happened for the last 40 years, I think the Egyptian government should have either broken off their truce or at least pushed Israel harder diplomatically. On the other hand, I guess they gave it their all in the wars, and had to have some kind of truce, even though the larger conflict hasn't ended. Maybe I can't blame them.

    I have heard that the Egyptian government does not reflect the Egyptian people's will on this issue. That makes sense. Of course, I don't treat Egyptians differently because of this.

    Source(s): Palestinian
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    when a person expresses negative feelings toward Egypt he meant anyone acting like the government or agree with their actions. if you search in youtube you will notice that Arabs curse at each other and not only Egyptians.

    Edit: i been to gulf countries, guys , it's more about "the minority" gets hits at, also Syrians, Indians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Palestinians.... and other nationalities did face racism there. there are gulf people are nice and respectable. if you are a respectable person , have a respect of your self and strong personality they will respect you.

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    I'm Lebanese & American and I've lived in Egypt for 6 years. I think the Egyptian government should do something to their people, they r just sleeping and not caring.

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    Okay this is going to sound bad but even when someone other than an Egyptian says something bad about the Egyptian government I get pissed off. If any arab say anything bad about Egypt than they should get ready to face me yelling at them and totally telling them off. You don't diss my religion, family, or country. Those are some of the most important things to me.

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