How can I burn a movie avi file onto a dvd disk from my mac?

How can I burn a movie avi file onto a dvd disk from my mac?? Please help..

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    I'm a Windows guy myself but I hope this article will help you. My condolences.

    You'll want to start here if you'd like to burn a DVD that will play on regular DVD players. If you do not have iLife, you'll want to purchase it.

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    I want to make sure I understand the question. I think you have an AVI file that plays on your Mac, and you want it to play on a DVD, perhaps for television use.

    I'm assuming it's a Mac with iLife already on it, since this has been included automatically with Macs for years.

    In this case you should be able to open iDVD, import the avi file to that, decide what menu and style you want, then burn your DVD. This is a much abbreviated set of instructions, but it can be done with what you have.

    If the avi file doesn't play on your Mac then you need to try to open it in Quicktime, then get the movie info to see what "codec" is used. Google the codec, download the mac version, follow installation instructions. It should then play, and be importable into iDVD.

    Good luck.

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    A good burning software I recommend is Ashampoo Burning. It's 100% free and can be downloaded here:

    If you want to create a DVD that works on a common DVD player, you definitely need a burning software. Copying the files of the movie as is won't work (If you do so your DVD player will not be able to play the video/movie properly). Ashampoo is a good option for every "burning need". It's reliable and professional, It can be used both for CDs and DVDs and it's very easy to use.

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    Check the following step by step guide on how to convert AVI to DVD on Mac(Snow Leopard included), the output files can be played TV or on portable and home DVD players.

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    How can I burn a movie avi file onto a dvd disk from my mac?You can use this Total Video2Dvd to converts any High-Definition video formats such as HD-DV, MKV, Blu-ray TS, TP, M2TS, AVCHD, WMV-HD, HD avi to DVD and all other popular video formats Youtube FLV, Xvid avi, Mov, Rmvb, Rm, Divx, Wmv, Asf, VOB, DV, 3gp, Ogm, Mpeg, Mpeg4, AVI to DVD formats.

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    In my opinion, you can use Leawo Mac Video Converter to convert the AVI to VOB first. Then use the DVD burning program to burn the VOB files.

    Here is the software link:

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    iDVD can help you do this. Just throw your avi to iDVD and insert a disk,,

    I always covnert avi to vob first on Mac because vob is the standard dvd format. Check this tutorial out on how to convert avi to vob on Mac at:

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