what does Bi-curious mean?

what does Bi-curious mean?

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    adjective (pos=bi-curious)

    (context, of a self-identified heterosexual person) Curious about having homosexual relationships.

    (context, rare, of a self-identified homosexual person) Curious about having heterosexual relationships.

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    1. sexually attracted to both sexes [ant: heterosexual, homosexual]

    2. having an ambiguous sexual identity


    1. a person who is sexually attracted to both sexes

    And because dictionary.com doesn't have a meaning for 'bi-curious', look to the wiktionaries!

    Wikipedia definition of bi-curious

    Someone who is bi-curious has a sexual orientation, behavior, or self-identification, which is close to but not quite entirely heterosexual or homosexual. There are several different conventional meanings of this term, some of which are mutually exclusive.


    just call yourself whatever you want. But I kinda think bicurious is like saying, you're not bisexual, you're just confused, which is annoying. I guess it's like questioning tho. If you like both, even if you haven't had an encounter, you can still be bisexual. I mean, straight people say they're straight all the time, even at the age of like 8, when I hope they haven't had sex or whatever...I'll leave it there! ;)

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    To me it means you like the same sex just for friendship and/or sex but prefer the other sex and only will be in a relationship with the opposite sex. I consider myself to be bi-curiose as 1, I can't see myself dating a guy and 2 have no physical attraction towards men.

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    bi-curious just means that your not very sure. :)

    It's pretty much just a stage when you're thinking about everything and you are curious about both men and women. x

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It describes people who window shop. They aren't certain they want to purchase anything so they just look at a bunch of stuff. That makes them buy curious.

  • Someone who knows they are not gay because they are attracted to the opposite sex but would like to try a roll in the hay with someone of the same sex to see if they liked it or not.

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    Just means you have strong feeling for one gender but also wonder what it would be like with the other also.

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    it means you might be bisexual.

    you just want to experiment with the same sex for a while to discover

    your sexuality...no big deal.

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    That your interested in men and women

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it means you are horny and will probably not like sex with the same sex person

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