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the white part of my eye is yellow?

ok im a 14 year old girl and ive noticed the white part of my eye is yellow. my mom noticed like a year ago but didnt seem worried. so i trust her because she is a nurse and my dad is a internal medicine doctor. its not bright yellow but it sort of has a yellow tint to it. also i have dry eyes (really dry eyes) so could that be the problem?? how can i make it white?? thanks!!


i went to my yearly eye doctor the other day and they just said my eyes are really dry and they gave me some drops

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    jaundice is what youve got

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    well yellow tinted whites is in fact one of the more obvious signs of liver failure but there are a lot of more noticeable symptoms if that was the case so don't worry it's not. the best thing to do is to check with your optometrist as soon as possible. I'm surprised your mom didn't take you to have this checked out right away, especially since she is a nurse.

  • Anonymous
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    I would get tested for Hepatitis C if I were you. Hep C yellows the eyes.

    This is going to sound really bad... ask your mom if you have Hep C or if your liver is damaged. Your parents are IN the medical field and neither is "worried" about the yellow whites of your eyes.

  • Well there was an episode of House where a person's eye was yellow in the white area, which reported that their liver was dying, but hey, its house...make a check up.

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  • 10 years ago

    There is a possibility you havejaundice. Better get checked to be sure. Also see an eye

    doc it might be a problem with an eye.

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