Catholics; What does Chabris and Charmis' (bookof Judith) mean?

Past (and present) practice I tend to look things up in a Strong's concordance; but it also seems to have Protestant limitations. So I want to know what those 2 proper nouns mean (not just random 'names')?

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    It seems to be that they were rulers of the city of Bethulia, along with Uzziah:

    Judith 6:14-21


    The Israelites came down to him from their city, loosed him, and brought him into Bethulia. They haled him before the rulers of the city,


    who in those days were Uzziah, son of Micah of the tribe of Simeon, Chabris, son of Gothoniel, and Charmis, son of Melchiel.


    They then convened all the elders of the city; and all their young men, as well as the women, gathered in haste at the place of assembly. They placed Achior in the center of the throng, and Uzziah questioned him about what had happened.


    He replied by giving them an account of what was said in the council of Holofernes, and of all his own words among the Assyrian officers, and of all the boasting threats of Holofernes against the house of Israel.


    At this the people fell prostrate and worshiped God; and they cried out:


    1 "Lord, God of heaven, behold their arrogance! Have pity on the lowliness of our people, and look with favor this day on those who are consecrated to you."


    Then they reassured Achior and praised him highly.


    Uzziah brought him from the assembly to his home, where he gave a banquet for the elders. That whole night they called upon the God of Israel for help.

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    Source(s): The whole of Judith 6: Catholic
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