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Are there any mormons on yahoo answers?

Whenever I ask a question. i always get hate answers from some christians denominations and atheists. Are there any mormons on yahoo answers? if so I need your help standing up for what is right. another question: are there any christian denominations that like mormons and are nice to them? All I ever hear is that you hate us. Maybe instead of trying to prove us wrong every sunday, why don't you try spending time on your beliefs? I don't get why so many christians go against the main belief love everybody. God loves everybody. So then so should u. Yet why do y'all hate on us all the time? I never say your beliefs are wrong. i respect your beliefs.

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    Hi Fay, I am a Baptist Christian from Brazil. And as a Christian I try to love everyone, but really sometimes it is VERY difficult. Probably Yahoo Answers have mormons. I think like this... If someone wants to Christian like me great! If no ok. I don't hate anyone and I hope they respect me and my belief.

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    I'm the Mormon with the 34DDs and I'm in love with a lovely town in Connecticut named Mianus. My favorite planet is Uranus and I'm in love with a football player named Tim. I wish I could marry Tim in the temple, but he's not Mormon... I'd want to marry another football player who is hot and Mormon (Austin Collie), but he's married already, I'm anti-Cougar-ish, and you can't make your ♥ decide who you should love. I'll never send Meth those pictures he dreams of because after all, I am a good Mormon girl. I go to church and all that. And the others Mormons I've met here? they're sweeter than sugar!!! I ♥ 'em, but there are a few that even though I like them, they can be way judgmental, but everyone has flaws and you have to accept people the way they are, so I still love 'em anyways (except for the chick that called me a $lu7 -true good Mormon girls don't say that, especially when the person being accused is in her early 20's and hasn't even had a 1st kiss). I'm an odd-ish kind of Mormon. Judge me, judge me, lalalala! *not listening* I have fun here. You know? contrary to very conservative popular beliefs, you can have a testimony and watch R-rated movies... and be a green Jell-O hating Democrat.

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    Hellow. I'm Mormon. :)

    I understand what you're talking about. I have seen several instances, some more garish than others, where people seem to spend their entire time lashing out at and tearing down other people's religions. Over time, I have wondered why they have a need to spend so much time doing this. Of those who do, I don't think I've ever heard them share their feelings about Jesus and their love for the gospel. I wish they would, because we then could rejoice in the love of God together. And actually, there have been a few people who are of another Christian denomination that I have been able to share warm feelings for because of our mutual respect, and our mutual love for Jesus.

    I'll star this question for other LDS to see.

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    Yes, there are a number of us who come and go as the mood strikes us. I haven't been around for that long, and tend to answer more than just questions directed at our religion. In many cases, I recognize the trolls -- the haters -- and don't bother responding to their misrepresentation of our religion.

    You'll find that most people who hate us also hate religion in general. And I'm not talking about atheists or agnostics, but people who have no use for religion. The other big group are apostates who may have left because of hurt feelings or whatever. Some have decided that they know more about the religion and since the earliest days of the church have been the biggest headache for the church.

    Fortunately, they are few in numbers, but make up for it in their various web sites and misinformation. The best anyone can do is to simply not respond to their trolling for attention and where honest questions are being asked, post the articles of faith and the "official" web sites. I also include an apologist site to address a lot of the misinformation, since we don't have time or the interest in addressing such foolishness.

    You are welcome to follow the links, capture the addy's and build your own list of web sites that work for you.

    Source(s): Official "Mormon" links: -- an introduction to the LDS faith. -- the "Mormon" (LDS) view of Jesus Christ. -- contains many resources for members and those who are interested in the religion, including on-line scriptures, lesson manuals, talks, policies, and aids for LDS members. Non-official link: -- an LDS apologist site that responds to the claims made about the LDS Church by critics and anti-Mormon groups.
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    I'm MORMON and proud of it. I am glad there is someone like you on yahoo answers. We get so much hate and seems like we're alone. But, we know that God is with us even if we are alone on yahoo answers. me and you must stand together. Us and any other mormons need to spread the truth. I am grateful to also see some Christians that don't hate against us. That really does mean alot

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    there's a ton of mormons here! and i see far more hate here, by the way than in real life. i am mormon and i teach at a methodist preschool. the church knows my faith as do the teachers and many parents- all agree i am christian. i have only come across a few bigots in my whole life- i've lived in georgia and san diego. people are just meaner here in general- to everyone. they figure there's less accountability when they will never meet those they offend. all but a few of my contacts are lds though- i also have a few atheist, catholic and others who are all supportive to mormons here

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    I see that both you and "Brookeee" are new and unfamiliar with the hatred and animosity that is spread by a few reprobates here in R&S. I agree with Old Timer that it is best just to ignore the antagonists, as they only want attention.

    Yes there are those who profess to be Christians, yet they fail to exhibit true Christianity by speaking words of Christian love and acceptance. You must realize that there are those among us who are only here to antagonize Christians, atheists, believers, and non-believers. They just find joy in antagonizing. Try not to let them get to you and just be true to your faith. Share personal examples of faith. Ask thought provoking questions. Don't cast that which is sacred or precious before swine.

    Yes, there is a goodly number of faithful Latter-day Saints/Mormons who participate with R&S.

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    Im a Mormon. 13 to be exact.

    Soon, in a few months, we are having our temple finished and dedicated. And their is a huge cultural ceremony, and the prophet, Pres. Monson is coming to talk to us youth! and there is only a thousand of us! I am so excited. I just really wanted to share that...

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    I'm LDS and have about 200 contacts about 3/4 of which are Mormon

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    Mormon-type Christian person here!

    I TOTALLY understand what you're saying. It's just so freakin' amazing how people are so judgmental, and base it on total ignorance of what we really believe. They listen to these anti-Mormons, who we know have their very valid rea$on$ for lying about us. But they listen to these liars and think "I don't have any reason not to believe them" and so they base their anger on lies.

    What they need to ask AND answer is, who would believe this drek?

    Because the answer would be

    NO ONE!

    Nope, not even the Mormons! '

    Don't they see?? The best people to define what a group believes are the people OF that group!!!

    Sorry, off my soap box!

    Source(s): if you're brave enough to find out what Mormons REALLY believe!
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