ATM Bank Card stolen after I used it and money withdrawn - can I get this reimbursed by the bank?

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After a night of drinking, I went to an ATM to withdraw some money. Because I was drunk, I didn't notice that someone was nearby looking at me enter my pin number. Soon after, I more
Update : PS - I'm located in Australia and I've also given the police the more
Update 2: Thanks for the response Sandi even though it was what I didn't want more
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yes, fill in a disputed transaction form for all transactions that you did not make. the bank will have to investigate each transaction and this could take some time.
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  • doreen k answered 4 years ago
    If these fraudulent transactions occurred in the U.S., and your card was issued by a U.S. bank, then you are entitled to get your money back (assuming you are being truthful about the circumstances).

    Regulation E (Electronic Funds Transfer Act) requires the bank to reimburse you for fraudulent transactions reported in writing to the bank within 60 days of the statement mailing date on which the fraudulent transactions appeared. Your liability is limited to $50 if you report the fraudulent transactions within 2 days and limited to $500 if reported within 60 days.

    You must send the notice of fraudulent transactions to the address for billing or statement errors (by certified mail) given on your bank statement. Your bank also may require that you file a police report and/or sign a fraud affidavit.


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  • Sandi answered 4 years ago
    Its going to be really hard to get your money back. Since the withdrawal was done with your ATM card and your PIN number, its almost impossible. Your PIN number is your personal identification when you make a withdrawal. Most of the time if the withdrawal is under $50.00 the bank can just pay it out. If its more than that, its going to be really hard to get it back. I would fill out the report at the bank and with the police. Good Luck!


    Personal Banker
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  • Vicky answered 4 years ago
    This same happened with me, just in way another. My card was posted at my previous address and pin number as well. Someone used it and withdrawn all the money. However bank was not ready to reimbursed the payment because I was told that I provided them with wrong address, until I signed the Statutory Declaration form on which I have to accept that I had not given my pin number to anyone and attached Police Report copy with it. Within 28 days, I got my money back with a new card. I don't know what happened with the actual case, but I don't think so they ever found out who did it.
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