How often should i wash my new car & how often do i need to wax it?

got a brand new black car and want to keep it clean

i was thinking giving it a proper clean twice a week

and use a jetwash to wash the dirt off car everytime i drive it (everyday).

also how often is it recommended to wax your car?

i was thinking everytime i give it a proper wash with shampoo etc..

which is best autoglym or meguiars cleaning products?


i got a low powered jet wash and just to be caucious spray from further away, it just to get the everyday road grime off.

and i know a black car needs alot of cleaning i used to own a black car at the moment i got a white car and thats worse lol.

and ocd lol i just car mad i dont keep my home as clean as my car lol.

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    1 decade ago
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    washing is really up to you

    but everytime you wash it, you risk putting swirl marks into the paint

    most people wash their car once every two weeks

    i suggest you get some grit gaurds

    wax your car, once every 2-3 months

    if youre going to be waxing your car often and dont care about how long it lasts

    go for meguiars gold class

    if you want it to last, use meguiars nxt 2.0 tech wax

  • 1 decade ago

    Jet washing everyday is not required and borders on OCD. Whilst jet washing is better than rotating brush washes it is still abrasive and will let water find its way into everywhere eventually.

    A car which has has a good coat of polish and sealer will not need washing that often and in fact if you do it will remove the polish, in your case in a week or so, and then in the winter you will find you cannot re-do the polish due to the weather conditions so defeating the object.

    Give it a good clean after periods where salt has been on the road. Do not jet wash a salty car everday for 2 reasons - a) it will force salt into seams etc and b) dry salt is not corrosive only when wet so why keep wetting it.

    You are going to have a real hard time with a black car in keeping it clean - had one once, never again.

    I use Autoglym which I am happy with and have never tried Meguiars

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    Maintenance is based on how long you want your car to last, and how good you want it to look during that time.

    A car should be washed weekly; sun and dirt are the worst things for your paint. More dorect sun time and the longer it stays dirty, the more waxing will be required. You can spnd plenty of your time waxing with more traditional waxes, but because of advances in chemical engineering, you can get the best of everything in a spray wax.

    Any of the name brand versions will do,e.g. Meguiars, Mother's,Eagle One. I have tried most but not all, as there are so many.

    I personally prefer the latest in advanced engineering which has to do with nano-technology. It is put out by Clearcoat Solutions called CSI Q-7 wax. To me and my auto detailing business, it has the winning combination. Although I don't have the ability to buy it wholesale even though I am in the business, I still prefer to use it because of the superior results. is where I have found it.

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    I have a black show car that I only wash with cloth baby diapers and use mequiars gold class soap.You only need to wax it every other month at the most but you can use a car polish like Carbritte to make it shine. I would also look at getting a california duster to keep it clean with out scratching the paint.

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  • Sal*UK
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    1 decade ago

    Wash it when its dirty! Jetwashing can remove the paint - take care with that.

    I wax mine properly about twice a year - it takes me a day to do it well.

  • M J R
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    1 decade ago

    wash it and wax it as much as you want but jet washing is not a good idea,warm soapy water and a soft sponge is best.

  • I fink
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    1 decade ago

    When you sell it,like i do.

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