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Depression need help,Advice?

ok right now i feel really low and depressed and don't know were to turn to so i will write on here. so here's my problems one is i live in a little town were all my Friends have pretty much gone now to Uni or we've all just stopped talking to each other my other problem is i feel alone all the time i wouldn't mind having a girlfriend but either there taken or they just don't ant me and right now this last week ive been getting really stressed and having headaches and just cant sleep right.

so that's pretty much my life at the moment it feels messed up if you have any advice please tell


just so you do know i am at college so i do have friends that i see each day its just nights and weekends holiday that i dont see them they just live further away from me lol

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    hey...dont worry!! Yahoo answers and we all there for help!!! I just say....make friends with who ever is near your house...i mean neighbors..small children..in fact they make great friends!! That's the first thing you need to do!! Then....join groups like orkut,face book,my space,twitter etc..but just be a bit careful...then....watch movies!!! There will be someone or the other approx. of your age near your home right?? make friends with them...take your friendship to the next level..by inviting them to your house...you going to their house....and then slowly hang out with them...have parties and fun with them!! Enjoy!!!!

    Life is too small!!!! Make every moment as memorable as possible!! Try to live happily each and every second...first try for temporary happiness(of course search for permanent happiness too...) as you dont know when...this life of ours will end!! It may end next moment in an accident....so....be happy...never regret anything in life!!!! Smile...............

    Sardar : I hav'nt slept all nite in the train.

    Friend : Y?

    Sardar : Got upper berth.

    Friend : Y did'nt u Xchnged?

    Sardar : Oye, there was nobody to Xchng in the lower berth..

    haha......laugh till you drop!!!!!!

    all the best..........

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    Hi Michael. I have been very depressed too. You're not alone. I have also felt incredibly alone before and in some circumstances this is completely normal. It seems like this is a phase. At your age a lot of people go through it.

    I think that several things would help you.

    1. Get a job/career/education that you like, respect, and that fulfills you.

    2. Consider moving out of your small town, which seems to be dampering your quality of life

    3. Work out on a regular basis (perhaps every day) to ease the depression and get you to bed at a decent hour with a good nights sleep.

    I think if you did these three things, the girlfriend thing would come naturally. A girlfriend wont solve everything, trust me. You need to get these things in place first.

    Good luck and hold your head up high. Remember, "this too shall pass."

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    You sound depressed because you feel lonely. For a start, no girl will be attracted to you if your giving off miserable vibes!

    Do you have a job? College?? Hobbies??

    You need to get yourself out there, find a hobby, something to occupy your mind, that will not only relax you but tire you. You will also make new friends this way. It happened to me so I took myself to do a drama class and a jewellery design class, i've met so many good friends through this.

    Take some headache pills, drink plenty of water, lay of the alcohol (if you drink), eat plenty of fruit and veg, and get out there and do something you enjoy, for yourself!!

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    you should do something that makes you happy. I'm pretty sure that you have hobbies. If not find some. Also why don't find your friends even small towns have phones that work. You don't sleep because it's bugging that you feel along. Once you find something to do that will help get your mind off your feeling along you will start to be able to sleep again.

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    Try volunteering for a non-profit or church related group. This will get you out of the house and meeting new people as well as helping others which is bound to make you feel a little better about yourself and your abilities. Perhaps Habitat for Humanity or helping with the little kids in a Sunday school class.

    Try http://www.volunteermatch.org/

    or http://www.idealist.org/

    for ideas

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    Dont worry mate. There are thousands of people who feel like you at this very moment. I get depressed in the winter with the dull dark nights but you have to keep thinking to yourself "Things will get better." Remember your never alone.

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    Yahoo Answers probably isn't the best place for this. I have always found forums to be a great place to get support and discuss depression with others. A few worth checking out are...




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    Dude ive been in the same position you just need 2 think about how lucky you are. you have food water a place to stay. Wat about the people in Haiti? they have next2 nothing and why dnt you get in touch with youre old mates or go out somewhere and makesome new 1s

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    confident I even have. I take drugs now to assist cope extra effectual with my melancholy and stress illness. i attempted to kill myself a pair situations till now. while i replaced into sixteen i attempted overdosing, it did no longer kill me yet made me very sick. i exploit to diminish and burn myself months in the past, I additionally use to go through and nonetheless do somewhat from my "purging illness"...thats an ingesting illness. i'm very insecure and prefer to stay far off from human beings numerous the time to dodge any available probability of having harm. while in highschool i exploit to cry myself to sleep everynight questioning that i replaced into by no potential solid adequate, that i replaced into the ugliest component in the international i exploit to conceal the college bathing room just to dodge human beings rather of going to classification. on each and every occasion I wasn't in college i exploit to easily not sleep in my room on my own at evening for numerous the day regular It replaced into very problematical and undesirable yet i'm getting extra effectual. i'm 20 now and that i'm discovering now a thank you to stay a satisfied life. i'm no longer as undesirable as i exploit to be, i'm alot extra effectual now and plenty extra bubbly and continuously guffawing and smiling now that's this variety of great feeling. Have a magnificent life <3

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