X-girlfriend gone "Childish"?

Okay this is my story:

I have a 1 yr. old son. Me and his mother who I'll call Angela have been broken up exactly a year this month. 3 years ago I wasn't in the position I'm in now. When we 1st got together I couldn't have been more happier, everything was perfect with us, I always told her how much I loved and cared for her as so did she and she made me happy like no other. I was faithful and very loving to Angela. And as every other couple we had our ups and downs, so as you can see Angela wasn't perfect but she made me fall so in love.

After she had our son on December 2008, She broke up with me in January 2009 stating she didn't love me no more and she didn't wanna be with me that she needed space. Obviously I was hurt and sad so I kept asking her why when she had everything she needed in front of her. So the 2009 year I kept wondering if she was ever gonna get back with me. 1st she broke up with me then she stopped telling me she loved me. I use to help her every other night with the baby when I was or wasn't working (She lives with her mom.) now, she doesn't like me even going over. When I would offer to spend time with her and the baby during the day she'd tell me "Well you can take him on your day off" 1st she stopped saying she loved me, then she stopped kissing me, hugging me and since I pay her phone bill she won't call me unless I call her and it's like " WTF?! did I do to deserve this treatment?" Even when we talk on the phone it's hard to have a simple conversation cause if she doesn't set the phone her lap WHILE i'm talking from the heart, she'll argue and cuss at me for nothing. Friends tell me to move on cause she's acting like a damn kid, others know how bad she treats me for no reason. Angela will even admit to you herself that I've done nothing wrong to her that I was a good guy to her but yet she can't stand my guts and she don't know why. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU NOT STAND SOMEONES GUTS AND NOT KNOW WHY??

She has her Mom and family all wrapped in her finger about how I'm not a "Fit" father which is Bullsh#t. I take my son on my days off and I care for him all the time when he's around. Angela's personality, her mood everything changed DRAMATICALLY over these past 3 years. She says she's always been this way but she was wanting to show it little by little, I say she became this way after my son was born and after she broke up with me. God knows I still love her so much but I just miss my old girlfriend. I really don't like what Angela's become. She hates my guts and can't stand to hear my voice and we BOTH don't know why. I've never given her a reason to hate or fall out of love with me. Do you guys feel she's acting like a little child? Do you feel I should wait for her to come around? Let me know what you guys think, I'd really appreciate it.

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    It's hard to tell when she first stopped telling you that she loved you and then when she first broke up with you. Which was it? I mean it has to have some sort of importance to you for you to be repeating it and even contradicting yourself as to which event came first.

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    Move on. Just make sure you are there for your son always. She will regret soon. If you really like her still then give her space for a little while, give her a chance to miss you. On your days off come take the baby bring him to your place or your parents place and hangout. When you get your paycheck buy the baby some food or clothes vitamins or something to show that you are a good father. She will soon come to her senses. Oh also another trick make your baby laugh a lot when he is around you do whatever it takes to make him laugh tickling alwys works better. That way when you come by to pick him up he will get all moooshy and happy to see you.

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    Heres the thing about girls.

    Their true nature will always surface - once she starts kicking up a hassle and unnecessary drama, it WON'T stop. It will NEVER go away...

    Being a girl myself, I've behaved like this to my ex and have regretted it. However there are just some things you can't take back - 1 year later, I went to see my ex and we became great friends again. But I noticed myself becoming the same, immature and impatient girl I was when with him... I couldn't just change who I was around him.

    But of course now, with a new start and a new guy, I know not to make the same mistake and how to treat him better.

    My advice for you is to move on - do your share of the duty for the child, but please don't put your own life on hold to wait for her to come around. Shes not in control of your life - relationships are a TWO WAY STREET.

    Good luck!!

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    She really behaves like a spoiled little b@#ch.

    Probably she had on her agenda to find a guy, have a baby, than she realized she doesn't like this "toy".

    The best for you would be to give up on her, take care of your son and try to ignore her.

    If you feel like you really want her and what keeps you next to her is love not just the mystery why she dumped you, than I think you must play a game to get her attention. Something like telling her that you find somebody else and you are going out with that person....in other words take away the "toy" from that childish person and she will want you more than ever.

    Altogether I don't think you should put up with her tantrums all your life, she is selfish, she always will be selfish. You sound a genuine guy who deserves much more.

    Good luck!

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    I say back off and if it's truly meant to be she will come to her senses.Maybe she just needs to do a little "soul searching" Also if shes young sometimes women feel it's to much being a mom and a gf.I know that sounds crazy but it's very true.good luck and keeping taking care of your family but give the mom her space.

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    Some young women regress when they become mothers, especially single ones. It tends to last a while and usually dissipates by the age of 30 or so. Best to steer as far clear of them as you can, maybe let your attorney handle as much communication as possible.

    You can totally do better, and this time don't knock them up.

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    wow. goodbye stranger that was tough. lol

    Look, the truth of the matter is. Stop. Call her only to see your son. Make space, as much as possible.

    This is crazy, I have been there. As much as it will hurt, you need space. Let her muster on the fact that you won't be at her beckon call. Maybe she will get it together.

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    Post natal depression comes to mind.

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    Stop being a cry baby. She doesn't love you, so you have to deal with that.

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    too long


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