Can't racism towards Blacks benefit the Black community?

Okay, i have been thinking. Racism isn't always necessarily a bad thing (in moderate amounts). When i say beneficial racism, i don't mean huge amounts of it (like Apartheid, Holocaust, Slavery, Jim Crow, etc), ---just moderate amounts. Some of the greatest people to every come out of the Black community have been forged under the fires of racism. Ben Carson--one African-American--grew up during the 1960's and went on to become the most successful & most innovative brain surgeons in the world, he also has more than 30 honorary doctorate degrees. Neil Degrasse Tyson, another Black who grew up with 2 parents who were both in the Black panther party, is a modern day Astro-Physicist (he has a PhD in Physics), heads the most advanced scientific museum in America, and has been awarded several accolades by NASA. Condolisa Rice (Stanford Professor), Colin Powell (One of the most decorated generals in recent American history), Ronald Mallet (One of America's leading experts on Temporal Physics), Randall Pinkett (CEO, Ivy League scholar, & Collegiate Athlete), Oprah Winfrey (Billionaire & most well known media mogul in the world), Michelle Obama (Corporate Lawyer), Barrack Obama (Top of class at Harvard Law, 1st Black Harvard editor, & 1st Black president), etc all came from this time period (just after the Jim Crow era)

Moderate amounts of racism does several things for Blacks:

-It motivates Blacks to stick together (all for one , one for all)

-It forces Blacks to be their best (as evidenced by the people i just listed)

-It forces Blacks, to some extent, to stop relying on Whites to solve their problems

-It speeds up the process of going somewhere (anywhere, whether good or bad, rather than remaining stagnant)

When i encounter racism, it motivates me to study harder in school, to take the most difficult courses, to work harder, and not to give up. Racism is what has brought forth a lot of great people in the Black community

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    your haters will become your motivators...however, I think people with ambition will always push to excel in lfe- regardless. Blacks don't only need hatred aimed at us to be GREAT.

    Our destiny should not be contingent on what white people are or are not doing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You misspelled "Condoleezza" and "Barack." I hope black people do not, as you put it "relying on Whites to solve their problems." Black people are just as human as anyone else, and I think if I were black, I would be offended that you would imply that black people can not do things for themselves. I understand racism is a pretty bad thing, but it should not rule any person's life. I will also say this, I was raised in the south, and the guy who took care of my house was black, and he was the hardest working person ever, and I often wonder if he had been born somewhere else if he would have been a doctor, or a lawyer, or a CEO.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    This is a tough one, simply because the Japanese as a whole are not racist people, towards blacks at least. I think it is a bad representation, but not racist. Some of the things that you showed are of poor taste to say the least. But I also thing that the Dakkochan was kind of beautiful. I hate the moon child cartoon. I really do not know how to take this. I am not sure if it just ignorance, and poor taste, or just hate. Often the black population is misunderstood across the globe.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your whole theory is based on the premise that you must prove to yourself that your race is worthy enough to be successful, instead of knowing for a fact that you have the capability to be successful regardless of your race.

    I agree with all your points on why it may help blacks succeed, and I don't condone it myself. You must look at the flip side as well. Racism more often than not has the possibility to hinder the floodgates of opportunity that we initially believed to exist for everyone, of all colors. People in general are going to feel weak when fighting against something that they assume will hinder their progress significantly here in America.

    I could be wrong though. It could be possible that the ones that receive racism, where people tell them they aren't intelligent or you wont be anything but a n*, for example, COULD make the person receiving the racism remind themselves that they're just as good as anyone else.

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  • Lee
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    1 decade ago

    In theory you're correct. You would think facing a common adversary would bring us together as a community. And there has always been a few will go on to success despite the obstacles they faced. Unfortunately that is not the case for all. Call it the Willie Lynch syndrome, crabs in a barrel, whatever you wish, but we have been our own worst enemy for the past 30 years. The introduction of crack cocaine into our communities has been the downfall of us. And despite the fact it's white people who are allowing it into the country and our neighborhoods, it's black people who are smoking it, selling it, and going to prison for it. Along with the introduction of gangsta (c)rap, we now look up to drug dealers and rappers more than a Dr. Tyson or General Powell.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your plan would only work if there were no children that can easily be influenced by racism.

    Your plan would only work if the majority of the community under attack made a effort to filter out the false stereotypes from the real and then actually try to stop it.

    You can not make examples out of the very few exceptional people and rely on the general public to follow their footsteps. The plan has the be feasible to the majority.

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  • Sarah
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    1 decade ago

    The problem with your logic is that not everyone thinks the way you do. Many who fall victim to racism do not rise up, rather they set the bar lower for themselves because they feel that the world sees them as nothing.

    You have a good outlook. I totally see where you are coming from because I share the same views as you. It's not enough though to do the best you can for yourself. It's important to be a role model to younger people and encourage self-respect in our communities to see an increase of this type of attitude.

    Source(s): Potawatomi member
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  • 1 decade ago

    Bill Cosby has the right answers.

    What good is your education if when you get a job you're prejudiced.

    Will you not be unfair to other races.

    Bill Cosby is the role model that has raised up great men such as Colin Powell.

    Regardless of race, all people will follow any man of any race that is godly.

    The solution is love despite circumstances in any of our lives.

    We cannot focus on circumstances, but rather faith in it's very nature

    brings forth fruit. Hatred, prejudice, bring forth ashes.

    Everything we all do is recorded by God.

    It is hard for many blacks, as well as whites, and many people of many races

    to rise above themselves, above circumstances.

    The utlimate questions is 'Are we of God or are we of Satan?"

    God's people cannot survive without a vision. If on'es vision is hate

    then one's fruit will be burned up. We have enough people of all races

    that are of Satan. God will bless the righteous and the evil their foot will slip.

    I've worked for 41 years in a corporation and reired and have been a Viet Nam

    veteran. I can assure you, over time, God is not a liar. God promises the

    evil, their foot shall fall. I am white, but among us whites there are other

    whites that are bent on evil. that daily look for ways to degrade other peoples

    accomplishments, to talk their way to the top. But, alas, over and over

    these people in time, their foot does fall. The small amount of prejudice you

    say will help you shall also be the cause of illness and disease.Anger is the

    best way to die from cancer, as our bodies are not made for hate, anger,

    resentment. So, of what good is using prejudice as an incentive to study if

    it results in your premature death from illness caused by hate.

    Everyone of every race admires anyone of any race that is big like Bill Cosby.

    Source(s): Bill Cosby
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Hardship on any culture or group of people can bring out the strength in some, but can you not see the devastation that stuff brings with it? It is never right or good to impose this on people, and it affects different people individually.

    I grew up with alot of neglect and as a result have a poverty mindset. One good thing is that i am more conservative with where my money goes, but that doesn't mean i couldn't exercise discipline with my spending if i had not grown up in poverty.

    There are still alot of gaps in your country between AA and white people.

    ETA: HONEY!!!!!!!! How are you? I'm Sarah G from Aus from like 6 months ago! How are you?

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  • 1 decade ago

    You've brought up a lot of good points! I never really looked at it in that way- I guess racism can motivate people to go higher, if this helps you then I say "good for you"! Good Luck with your studies.

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