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Do you know of a good online English to Portuguese translator?

I am communicating with a girl who is from Brazil, and she is speaking in English, but it's very bad English, so I'm assuming she is using a bad online translator, possibly Google's. Do you know of a good English to Portuguese translator that is almost 100% accurate? That way I can speak to her in Portuguese, and it will be easier for us to understand each other.

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    Hi Alex, I am Brazilian and translater and I need to tell you. Any online translator can't make the work a translator person. They don't have feelings. They are dictionaries. I heard it at college and I needed to agree about. For example if you tell a Brazilian I can get on right now in Portuguese it would sound very strange. We get into the internet or we use the computer. Every online translator would translate exactly what you said. Once I tried to translate "You can watch on YouTube" to Italian and the translator said to the Italian You can there is a clock inside of a tube. Conclusion, the Italian didn't understand what watch/clock I was talking about. But I know a good one it is Any serious problem about comprehension just e-mail me. Good luck with your friend :-)

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    Free online Portuguese to English translator:, brought to you from Babylon, one of the best translation software in the world.


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    "Good online translators" don't exist for any language.

    One word can have dozens of different meanings and a software will choose only one of them, usually the wrong one.

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