Where to honeymoon in Colorado?

We are getting married in October of 2010 and would like to take our honeymoon in Colorado. We live in Florida so would like to see some snow for a change.

We are taking a week long trip and are interested in snow skiing, renting snow mobiles and somewhere that we could go out and have a good time after. We'd prefer somewhere that we could do all this and not have to drive. We would love to leave late October but are willing to wait until late January if need be for snow.

We would greatly appreciate suggestions on areas and accommodations.

Thank you in advance!!

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    I would agree that October is too early. Most resorts don't even open until sometime in November. End of January has the International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge. It is totally amazing and if you time your trip right, you will be able to watch as the sculptures are created.


    Previous poster is correct, any of the ski resort will have all sorts of activities, but please skip the snow mobiles. They ruin the area for everyone who is cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, frighten away any wildlife and pollute the air. Basically they are for couch potatoes who think they want to be outside. Hike, cross-country or snowshoe - you'll see more and enjoy it much more.

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    Wait until February...January is likely to be bitter cold! I mean REALLY nasty! You just never know when the cold snap is gonna hit!

    You aren't going to have enough snow to do your activities in October, not likely to have enough to really enjoy in November, and December, you have a combination of either not enough snow/too cold to really enjoy/Christmas crowds.

    Any of the ski resorts will be perfect. All those things are available anywhere in Colorado.

    Accomodations come in many types...you need to figure out how deluxe you want to pay for.

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    I agree with everything previously posted HOWEVER, there are resorts near Winter Park that are made specifically for snow mobiles, if that is something you really want to do.

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    Try this place... the owners are really nice and it is a beautiful area!


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