In Excel, how to hide a specific section of data?

I would like to hide a specific section of data in excel. I don't want to select the entire row or column because there is data below the section I don't want to hide. Is it possible to highlight a square section and hide that section only?

Thank you in advance!

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    The way to hide data in Excel which can apply to partial rows or columns is to use the Format Number Dialog box.

    The last option is called custom delete General and type in it's place 3 semi colons this will hide text, numbers, dates, hyperlinks, calculations and logical statements.

    To explain the logic one semi colon divides the formatting choices of positive and negative numbers. Just the ; therefore is blank. The third semi colon hides 0 values and the 4th hides all other text values

    Source(s): My source is the result of research into the lack of a hide command and two much pride to just change the colour of the font to white. For more on formatting
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    Excel does not have the ability to hide cells in the traditional sense that they simply disappear until you unhide them, like with tabs I showed above. It can only blank out the cells so that it appears that nothing is in those cells, but it can’t truly “hide” them because of the fact that if you hide cells, what would you replace them with?

    If you greyed it out, you could easily tell there is something hidden, defeating the purpose of “hiding” them. If you try to shift cells up and down, then when you unhide the hidden cells, where should everything shift? You can hide entire rows and columns in Excel so they are not visible, but can only blank out individual cells. Here’s how.

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    Custom format the cells using this format ;;; As well as this, hide the Formula bar because if the viewer hovers the cursor over the formatted cells the results can be seen in the Formula bar. Also protect the sheet to ensure viewer is unable to reinstate the Formula bar or reformat the hidden cells.

  • Marvin
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    Well, you could format the text the same colour as the cell.

    Obviously the user could still see it if they wanted to.

    Otherwise, why not drag the cells to their own column and then hide that.

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  • euler
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    placed your records nicely away out of your working section and make sure that inadvertent deletion of rows wont reason chunks to be bumped off so additionally place nicely under the final working row. supply the techniques record a acceptance (makes for straightforward formulation shape and additionally enables you to go the techniques any the place without hectic approximately cellular references) then make the custom format ;;; (3 semicolons) and save on with to the techniques record cells. This format hides the techniques from inquisitive eyes yet observe that the techniques would be considered interior the formulation bar and the call would be considered interior the call field. conceal the formulation bar to end viewing of the techniques. Use the selection call on your dropdown menu source field.

  • Joe
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    You can't do that using the "hide" feature.

    What you can do that might suit your needs: Format the square area so that the text color is the same as your background color (usually white).

    White on white is hard to read :-)

    (But all you have to do to see it is highlight it again.)

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