Hire-Fire policy at CEC?

Ok so I have a problem. There are many people that are friends of mine, as well as myself, that are curious about the hire and fire policy for Chuck-E-Cheese. Can they, or any company for that matter, hire you and then fire you for no reason, with no prior notification? Any info on that will help. Websites, personal knowledge, experience, anything will be helpful. Thank you!

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    1 decade ago
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    Its called Right To Work, look it up.

    You have the right to quit employment at any time for any reason and a employer has the right to terminate employment with you at any time for any reason. Of course-within limits. They can not fire you because of your race, sex, religion or anything like that. They can fire you because they feel you are not preforming well, or they dont need as many employees anymore due to cutbacks. Although-that last option, if they get rid of you for no fault of your own or their own-for instance simply because they have too many workers, that is actually considered a lay-off and under such situations you probably qualify for unemployment.

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