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So most Americans want war with Iran regardless of any other situation?

I just did a survey Yesterday and asked Americans who DID NOT believe Iran was a threat if they thought the U.S should strike it.

Amazingly most of them(60%) still said a war with Iran was necessary. I asked them what was their reasoning and these were some reasons:

1-Iran is a true Muslim country and can not be trusted under any condition.

2-Iran's Government and theocracy should be abolished they have no right to govern in this matter.

3-Iran cannot be trusted regardless of their weakness or lack of threat.

and other weird reasons.

So is it safe to conclude that Americans and their Government think alike(for the most part) and the notion that Americans support war because they are convinced Iran's a threat is a lie?

That most Americans want war anyway?

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    your poll needs to be more than 10 people. From diverse backgrounds.

    I think their neighbors should be more worried than anyone else.

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    Reason 1: Iran is a muslim country and cannot be trusted under any condition.

    Answer to Reason 1: (see Koran verse below)

    Quran,( Koran)

    Yusuf Ali translation (of Koran)

    Surah 8. Spoils of War, Booty



    61 But if the enemy incline toward peace, do thou (also) incline toward peace, and trust in Allah. for He is One that heareth and knoweth (all things).


    Reason 2: Iran's government and theocracy should be abolished they have no right to govern.

    Answer to Reason 2:

    All government derives its power from the consent of the governed. This is true regardless of the way the government is set up, organized, or the form of governments that exist in any given nation. This is true whether the goverment is a monarcry, democracy, or a theocracy.

    Whether a government is a good government or not is not determined by the way it is organized, as by the people who either rule the people, or who rule for the people. A government to be good, must have leaders who will seek to do good, and make a better future for the people.

    A government that does not do good by its people will loose the support of the people and due in time will cease to exist.

    For those who would desire a theocracy, it is my opinion that local theocracy is a more widely possible model. People should have the right to the live under the kind of government they prefer. It is possible that making a vaiety of models available, one of which would be theocracy, may be a means of solving some of these problems. (This is just an idea for your evaluation.)

    Reason 3: Iran cannot be trusted regardless of their weakness or lack of threat and othe weird reasons.

    Trust must be created and established, this should be done on a small scale or less important mattters, this would create the opportunity to move forward on matters that are of significnace to the whole world. Indeed it should be our policy objective to strive to live in peace with all people of all nations.

    Do good to thy Friend to keep him, to thy enemy to gain him.

    BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790) poor Richard's Almanack, July 1734

    Our word is the currency of diplomacy. We must keep the commitments we make if we desire to live in peace, rather than being at war with other nations.

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    How many Americans did you interview, and what are their backgrounds?

    Iran cannot be trusted, they killed 70+ of our civilians and security personnel in a US Embassy. They have threatened our allies, Europe, and the USA with nuclear and conventional missiles for ages.

    They have detained hundreds of Americans and Europeans, anyone from the West. Their leader is trying to make nuclear weaponry, we all know this. Ahmedinijad is clinically insane, what more do you need?

    If Iran makes any more hostile moves, everyone will want to go to war.

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    Great survey! I wonder why everyone who wants the opinion of the whole nation doesn't just ask 10 people on YA.

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    I'd worry about your neighbors kid.....

    But I'd say there is a number of people in this country that do think like this, its an irrational fear built on the media's obsession with "terrorism" and the like, and unfortunately most people correlate extremism, with normal Islamic beliefs.

  • You get these results because of government propaganda which spews nothing but lies all day long. Americans have got to realize that their biggest enemy is their own government, not some trumped up fear-factor created by government lies and deceptions.

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    You seem to think it is that simple. We all wish it were that simple.

    Iran has nuclear capability. Iran wants to expand their nuclear capabilities by expanding their nuclear arsenal.

    No, I don't want war with Iran. Neither do I want a nuclear bomb to be aimed at America by people who hate us.

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    Did you conduct a SCIENTIFIC poll? Or did you just ask people on Y/A? Not that I don't find your observations disturbing (assuming they are true), I do not think that most Americans want another stupid war.

    This is one American who does not, at least

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    I doubt that. War with Iran is a really stupid idea.

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    Congratulations, you hit a 10 on the moron scale!

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