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vegetarian culinary institutes in Sweden?

are there such things! i know they exist elsewhere, but even nowadays they aren't so common.

my dream is to study in sweden and i'd love love love to become a pastry chef. i'm a vegan. i realize that finding a vegan pastry chef course anywhere would be EXTREMELY difficult if they even exist.

so i'd be perfectly content attending a vegetarian culinary institute or a place that offers such programs. i could always alter the recipes to suit my needs.


i'm not in school. i don't have a guidance counselor

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    i've never heard of such a thing so i'm not sure.

    I went to regular culinary school in california, and i just use the techniques i learned there and try to apply them to vegan cooking. if you have a problem with handling meat and dead stuff then it might be a problem though...i've got a pretty strong stomach so i was okay with it

  • Donna
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    A better question is, why is your Culinary Institute so intolerant to vegetarians? They can keep teaching as they do but understand that some of us are adamant about not eating flesh and not all of us are elitist and rub our opinion in your face. I think it's wrong to "order" them to ingest something against their will, but maybe these vegetarians are being difficult if there is a vegetarian option and they refuse it. I for one am vegetarian and LOVE to cook and am toying with the idea of attending a culinary school. Some people have a passion for cooking and should not be held back by a dietary restriction. A culinary career can be just as rewarding for us as there are tons of delicious vegetarian foods from all over the world.

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    Have your guidence counselor look them up for you.

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