There seems to be a lot hdd access on my computer. How can I determine, which program/process accesses my hdd?


Frok72, your links did not work for me. Neither of the provided links routed to FileMon. I thought that this could have been a good solution.

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    Task Manager will give you an idea about processes -- which ones are using a lot of CPU% so that might give you some insight as to who the "hog" is.

    However, to know what files are being accessed, you could try File Monitor from SysInternals (now Microsoft)

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    HDD refers to hard disk drive no? Any program that is installed on your computer is actually stored on your computer and will have to access data. Not all hard drives are equal when it comes to how fast data can be accessed. If you feel that your hard drive is slowing down, you can check it out using a program like Disk Bench or you could take a look at

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    Open task manager and look at the process tab ~

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