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What is the most popular sports in the US?

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    According to the Nielson TV ratings

    In the United States today, order of the popularity is - determined by numbers of TVs watching a particular sports on average ranks as follows:

    NFL (National Football League)

    NBA (National Basketball Association)

    MLB (Major League Baseball)

    NCAA football (college football)

    NCAA basketball (college basketball)

    NASCAR (stock car racing)

    WWE (professional wrestling)

    NHL (National Hockey League)

    AFL (Arena Football League)

    WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association)

    MLS (Major League Soccer)

    IRL (Indy Racing League)

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    American Football is the biggest sport in this country. Go to a kid and ask them if they would rather play in the World Series or the Superbowl and most would say Superbowl. The NFL is just huge. Part of the reason is that it is willing to adapt. Baseball is essentially the same sport it always was, well those who say tradition is great will say that is how it should be, Americans perfer a game willing to fit what we want to see. Also that slow pace of baseball, at least in this country, makes it rather boring to watch. When baseball actually speeds up the game then people might care again. Who wants to watch a pitcher sit on the mound for about a minute without actually pitching? Another problem is the lenth of the season. They play 162 games. So until about 100 or more games into the season they are meaningless to the fans as far as playoffs. You can't tell who will make it and who won't. In the NFL there are only 16 games before the playoffs, and they are almost all weekend games. So the fans can watch all the games alot easier. Baseball has so many games they have to play most of the week.

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    Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis and Golf.

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    Football. Baseball may be our pass time but ever since the strike its deflated. every football stadium is filled. even the worse teams get good ticket sails. Baseball on the other hand lacks in ticket sales and things are just getting worse

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    American Football

    followed by basketball and baseball

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    The Most popular sport in the U.S. is Football! What is the most wached game in America....The Superbowl! Fantasy football is the most played fantasy sport in America as well as being played as a fantasy sport longer than any other sport! Baseball is nothing but a bunch of men taking steroid, and basketball is a bunch of lazy players who score a lot of points but doesn't play defense. Also all you hear about is a bunch of players getting suspended for some sort of fight!

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    Football, it's called,"America's Game" and then would come baseball because they have the second most viewers for the major game which would be the World Series. But to answer your question, it's "America's Game" which is FOOTBALL

  • Football is clearly the most popular sport in america right now

    Baseball has been declining for some time now...

    The list goes like this

    Pro Football

    College Football

    College Basketball



    College baseball

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    1. Nascar

    2. Football


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