Different opinions of We Are The World 2010 depending on your age?

Big disappointment. I waited weeks to see it. What a letdown. Still to this day, I get goose bumps & a lump in my throat watching the 1985 version. They need music legends in there, not just the flavor of the month. Most of the 1985 performers are still well known a quarter century later. I guarantee we'll all be saying "Justin who?" in 25 years time.

I'm sure the younger crowd will disagree, but we "mature" music lovers have been there, done that.

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    1 decade ago
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    My friend and I are both 18 and we disliked the song as a whole. I, in particular, think they had WAY to many people and it made the chorus sound more like yelling than singing. The rap part was really distasteful and again all the voices clashed. I don't get any emotion out of the song either, its just messy and I think if those people really wanted to help they would actually go help out or donate money instead of singing.

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    It was pointless...same old same old. This was just a dumb remix. Like we haven't had one in 25 yrs. Why are we rapping and hip hopping to verses. If this song is about us being the world why are we only representing North America. Why are we only singing in English. This was just dumb celebrities brown nosing the Jacksons and more about capitalizing on the now popular MJ phenomenon

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    1 decade ago

    Just because they're young doesn't mean they aren't mature music lovers ;\

    But honestly, it wasn't the best. I liked the fact that the typical rappers[i.e. Lil Wayne] didn't rap like he usually did, rather he just sang. I don't know why everyone keeps bashing it though, other than the fact that, like all centuries, our music has changed. It's going to happen. I like how they put Wyclef Jean in it since he's originally from Haiti. If you don't like this generations music so much, who did you expect them to put in it? And why did you expect so much out of it?

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