Hope to help my niece's children to adjust to their mother's death?

My niece recently died from a very aggressive breast cancer. Her two children are 19 and 11. I am worried about them as their grandmother is 2000 miles away and their other granny is 40 miles away, but is sick.The children live with their dad and he is a good one, but he is suffering too. Is there anything I can do to help them ? I sent flowers to the home, attended the funeral and meal afterward and took food. I also live 40 miles away and only see them on special occasions. I am thinking of sending cards, books,etc. Do you have any suggestions for this age kids?

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    For one you really can't do anything that would keep their mind off of there mom. I don't know if the 19 year old does anything "bad" if you know what I mean but I would keep an eye out for him/her because the 11 year old is gonna start reaching out for help and who's the closest person to her? That's right the 19 year old, I am not trying to be mean when I say this but it's hard to get through something like that. If you can try to talk with them over the phone as much as you can see what they are doing, and I don't know if you can do this or not but try to see them more often than just special occasion's. I am truly sorry for your lose I hope you are ok as well, it's not easy getting over something like that I hope I helped and I hope I didn't come off rude when I say this I am just trying to help or do what I would do.

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    Um, 40 miles is not that far at all.... I drive 35 to work each way 6 days/week. You should actually go and visit and spend some time with them. Talk, and take them to a cafe or out for shakes. Take it from someone who lost their mother at 16, they really need to get their mind off of it for a while.

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    maybe you could go and see them a bit more often? 40 mies is not that far away. but yes, send books and cards etc, there are some great books on grieving out there, maybe u could read a couple and that would give u a few ideas

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